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* Decent clothes AND extra set of clothes to wear back

While trekking

* Wear short sleeved cotton T-shirt  * Wear long pants(No jeans, please)  * Wear light jogging shoes  * Small hand towel  * Personal medicine (Band aids, liniment, insect repellent etc) *Shorts or sarong  * spare long sleeved T-shirt  * sandals * personal toiletry articles, and most importantly A  GOOD HUMOR and an open mind!


Prices quoted are per person Adult in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 

and in US Dollars (US$)


Destination ~ Jungle treks - waterfalls - swimming - basic survival skills

3 Days Waterfall Camping Adventure

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K. Lumpur

Weekend Overnite Waterfall Camp
Location ; Jungles of Ulu Terong, Perak

Day/Nite 1

On arrival at Changkat Jering our instructors will accompany all participants to the starting point of the trek. All participants will be given 45 litre sized backpacks, a sleeping mat/mess tin/plastic cup/spoon/fork/chopstick each and some light refreshments in the form of high fibre biscuits and chocolate snacks. The trek will take approximately about 1.5 to 2 hours via abandoned old logging trails, secondary forests and the beautiful endangered wild giant " Palas " palms measuring 3 feet across and 10 feet high.

Arrival Tango Camp (TC) with an immediate set up of campsite by guides & preparation of light refreshments and local lunch. Accommodation will be large tents to house all participants together. The campsite lies about less than 2 minutes' walk away from an excellent natural swimming pool and less than 15 minutes' slow walk to huge waterfalls where participants can just laze around, swim or slide down the waterfalls. For high tea - there will be banana porridge and plain tea for everyone.

All meals will be local and provided by us with participants highly encouraged to provide their kind assistance. Expect cicadas and crickets to erupt simultaneously together to mark the end of daylight and the beginning of sundown. Campfires will be lit by our guides.

Dinner will be served @ 8-00 pm and amongst the meals provided will be the plain rice, chicken curry, mixed vegetables and soup with drinks being teh tarik and plain tea only. Dessert will be sliced papaya.

Day/Nite 2

Wake up call @ 9-00 am by white handed howling gibbons near the campsite with local breakfast in the form of roti canai with curry, plain white bread with jam/peanut butter and Milo or plain tea. At 11-00 am. All participants will be led by instructors to 2 lovely and breathtaking waterfalls less than 15 minutes' walk away from the campsite for some really good fun sliding down some of the waterfalls or swimming.

Local lunch of fried rice, egg and chilli paste will be served @ 1-00 pm with orange squash. Dessert will be sliced papayas following which the guides will invite participants for a short class on basic survival skills namely trekking methods, identifying medicinal plants, digging for edible plants and making water bottles with bamboos. Those keen on fishing using palm branches can also learn from the guides. The guides will also prepare laksa for high tea. Dinner will be ready @ 8-30 pm being bamboo rice 

with curry, tom yam soup with teh tarik.

Last day

Wake up call @ 9-00 am with Nasi Lemak, fried egg, chilli sauce and friend vegetables prepared with Milo.Group departs back for starting point @ 11-00 am where local lunch will be served later. Possible departure for KL @ 3-00 pm


* Return transfers  * Backpack  * Sleeping mat  * Eating utensils  

 * Meals & tents  * Limited Group Personal Insurance Coverage provided by Prudential Assurance Berhad  * Standard camping gear namely 45 L backpacks, mess tins, tents, food rations, machetes and trekking shoes  * local breakfast & 1 local lunch meals at Base Camp in Ulu Terong


* Return overland transfers by public express buses ex-Pudu Raya, Kuala Lumpur to drop off point in Bukit Gantang, Perak  * Return overland transfers by chartered vans ex-drop off point to Base Camp in Ulu Terong

Prices are based on minimum 6 and maximum 20 people.






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