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Pahang ~ Tasik Cini

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Lying majestically among 12,000 acres of lush tropical wildness is Tasik Chini, Malaysia's second largest natural lake. This remote lake is located in the middle of Pahang state. A great place for total isolation and activities like jungle trekking and fishing.

Located in the wilds, it is a great get away place. Tasik Cini is actually a group of 12 freshwater lakes covering a large area of 12,000 hectares of Natural Forest. It teems with a variety of freshwater fish, and the surrounding wilderness is home to unique flora and fauna. Primates such as White-handed gibbons, Long-tailed macaques, Pig-tailed macaques and Banded langurs have been sighted here.

Calm and beautiful, the serenity of Tasik Cini believes the many secrets that it holds and hides the mystery lurking beneath its surface. Indeed, Tasik Cini and surroundings are shrouded in legends, some of which dates back to the 14th century. Legends have it that the monsters of the lake guard a submerged ancient Khmer City.

One of the more famous tales about Lake Cini is of a magical dragon, which lives in the lake. It is said to be the guardian of an ancient lost city of gold, which lies in the lake. This local "Loch Ness Monster" has allegedly been sighted many times over the years by villagers who live beside the lake, but to date, no scientific evidence has been found to prove its existence, thus remaining a mystery.

Amongst the activities that can be found here are camping, jungle trekking and an all time favourite spot for fishing fans. There is a beautiful waterfall further inside which takes 2 hours of trekking is a must when you are here. The best time to visit is the month of June to October, where you can experience one of those fantastic sights as water lilies can be seen covering almost the entire lake. Boats can be chartered for peaceful lake tours or for fishing trips.

Fish farm
A floating fish farm owned by the locals. The fishes found here are caught and bred in the lake itself. Hop over this floating fish cage and feed them with your hands. Get one of the local resorts to sauté your prize catch or
cook it any other way you prefer.

Orang Asli Settlement
Expect to meet  to meet with Orang Asli (Aborigines). They are the Jakun branch of the Orang Asli (original native inhabitants). We are only outsiders visiting their territory. The Orang Asli settlement also offer an interesting experience. Tanjung Puput is an orang asli settlement where join them and learn something of their unique lifestyle.

Traditional fishing methods are still practiced here, the best way to learn about the ancient fishing traps. Visitors can also purchased locally hand crafted artifacts at a very reasonable rate, it's good as a gifts of souvenir. Another new experience awaits you at Tasik Chini. You can try blowing a blowpipe here. The sumpit, which is the blow pipe, can be tested before purchasing it, this is the same weapon this Aborigines used for hunting. It needs skills and dedication to perfect your shooting skills.

It has a number of wooden chalets as well as a number of camping spots. Camping spots are also obtainable in this natural forest, where visitors can experience the out door life, and for those who wish to grab some peaceful time. Definitely a place without frills and without any of the modern luxuries of a star rated hotel.
Bring mosquito coils, Sun lotion if you have delicate skins, and a big hat especially when you go canoeing under the hot sun.

Getting There
Approximately 100 km from Kuantan, access is by road to Kampung Belimbing, and then by boat through the winding Chini River. Alternatively by road via Segamat Highway through the town of Chini, and then continue 15 minutes through palm-oil estates road to the lake. Chini Lake is located in the southern park of the state of Pahang, getting there wouldn't be a problem as its only 100 km from Kuantan and 60 km west of the Royal Town Pekan.





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