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Pahang ~ Tasik Bera

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Bera Lake (Tasik Bera in Malay) is the largest natural freshwater swamp lake system in Peninsula Malaysia. Located in southwest Pahang, it remains both a unique and remote wetland wilderness.

Extending 35 km long and 20 km wide, and surrounded by a patchwork of dry lowland dipterocarp forests, the islands of peat swamp forests which supports a diversity of animal and plant life, and sustains the livelihood of the 'Semelai' branch of the Orang Asli people inhabiting the wetlands.

Tasek Bera is characterised by a watery landscape dominated by large grass-like blades of pandunas leaves which line the narrow channels. A variety of ferns, orchids and epiphytes can be seen attached to tree trunks while thorny rattan weave through the undergrowth. Among the fields of metre high reeds and rows of dense foliage found in the open water, dozens of pitcher plants hang in shades of green and red, In the drier areas, lowland rainforest trees and palms add to the diversity of the wetland reserve. Tasek Bera is an ecosystem which supports not only a diversity of animal and plant life, but sustains the livelihood of the Semelai – the aboriginal people inhabiting the wetlands.

Tasek Bera has distinct wet and dry seasons which may determine the best time to visit. The wet months are from April to May and from September to January; while the dry periods are from February to April and June to August. Note however that some sections of the forest trails may not be accessible during the wet months.

Tasek Bera is a sanctuary for more than 200 bird species, 50 mammals and 94 fish species. It is also a habitat providing food and shelter for bird life, including kingfishes, hawks , herons, but overall, water-birds are strangely scarce. Though very difficult to see in the wild, the extended wetland area and its surrounding forests still support tigers, tapirs and elephants. It is also home to  endangered reptilian species such as the Malayan False Gharial (a freshwater, fish-eating crocodile), the totally protected Striped Giant Soft-Shelled Turtle, the much sought after Malayan Giant Turtle, reticulated pythons that can grow to a length of 18feet, prehistoric looking monitor lizards and lots of frogs species

As an important biodiversity reservoir for freshwater fishes, Tasek Bera contains a large number of the country’s species, including popular aquarium fish such as harlequins and tiger barbs as well as large predatory catfish and other sport fish.

The relative isolation and tranquil surroundings of open water offer opportunities for boating and kayaking. Visitors will enjoy spending a few hours cruising the myriad of river channels and inlets to explore the vegetation and search for wildlife.

The Semalai Homestay
Inhabited for centuries by, Semalai, a Malayan aboriginal tribe, calling themselves Semaq Tasik (the lake people). Their subsistence is depended on the shifting cultivation of upland rice and cassava, fishery in the lake and gathering forest and swamp products.

For the truly adventurous, whom are prepared to rug it out for a unique experience of living with the Semelai of Tasek Bera - The homestay program organized by the Semelai Association for Boating and Tourism (SABOT) offers travelers a chance to learn about the Semelai culture and lifestyle.

Here visitors will live with the homestay Semelai family have meals, sleep in their home and have a choice of either hanging out with the host family or exploring the lake with a local guide.

All Semelai speak their native Semelai language as well as Malay. Very few are fluent in English. However, most SABOT guides understand English. The facilities in Tasek Bera are basic. - Basic toilets and bathrooms with piped water. Electricity is limited and dependant on the generator which runs from 7pm-7am.
Mobile coverage there is weak.

Some of the things they will experience and get to go -
> How to weave with pandanus leaves from the lake
> How to make various animal traps
> Take a guided walk around the fringes of the lake and learn about how the
Semelai culture is closely linked to the exotic lake.
> To fish with the Semelai and hunt your dinner down by learning how to use a blowpipe
> Playing traditional Semelai musical instruments
> A guided walk through the Semelai Medicinal Garden and learn about the healing
properties those plants have to offer.
> Traditional hill paddy harvesting - your guide will explain the many taboos entailed in this activity.

For hose not inclined for the above homestay can opt for the Persona Lake Resort, the only accommodation available within Tasek Bera reserve. Sited atop a forested hill and overlooking the lake, the resort affords great views of the surrounding scenery. 

The Resort offers -
- Two exclusive dormitories, each able to
accommodate 20 people
- A chalet for two
- A rest house with four rooms, each room
accommodating 2 people
- A camping ground with the basic facilities.

Getting There
There are several options available by road. The easiest route from Kuala Lumpur follows the Karak highway to Temerloh and then south towards the town of Triang, where signboards, just before Kerayong will lead you to the north side jetties and tourism complex. A second route goes through Seremban, Kuala Piah and Bahau from the south end of the lake. An alternative route leads from Bahau to Ayer Hitam and then east towards Muadzam Shah, and then look for a turnoff signpost to Tasek Bera, which leads to the east side of the wetland to the tourism complex. Travel time from Kuala Lumpur is about 3 ½ to 4 hours.
Visitors can also take the train from both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Trains stop at Triang and Mentakab respectively, where there are taxi’s available to the Bera jetty. Transfers are also be arranged from Temerloh and Kerayong to Tasek Bera.


Tasek Bera Map
Location of Towns, roads, the lake and layout





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