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Terengganu ~ The Waterfalls

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  Sekayu Waterfalls Cemerong Waterfalls Lata Tembakah
Lata Berangin Waterfalls Kenyir Waterfalls

Sekayu Waterfalls
The beautiful 3-tiered waterfall is one of the main attractions to both local and foreign visitors. Ample picnic areas located along the river are popular sites for family outings during holidays.

The Sekayu Waterfall is one of the two waterfalls collectively called the Sungai Ceralak Waterfalls. The first, Sekayu Waterfalls is known as Jeram Solo, while the second, at 24 m with a 190 sq m pool, is called Jeram Padang. The area has some attractive trees and plants including various species of pretty wild flowers. The surrounding hills also provide a scenic backdrop for photographers. Getting to the site is an adventure in itself, involving a boat ride from Kuala Jengai to Kuala Sungai Ceralak, a jungle hike and river crossing across the Sungai Ceralak itself. The other alternative route involves logging trails
and jungle tracks.

For those who yearn for adventure, a jungle trail approximately 3 km long has been built in the forest area. Visitor will also get the opportunity to see different species of wildlife such as deer, white-handed gibbons, otters, peacock and a few species of birds. Shelters, tables and benches are placed at several locations within the picnic areas for the visitors' convenience. A children's playground equipped with various playing facilities is also provided.
Location About 56 km from K. Terengganu / 16 km from Kuala Berang
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Cemerong Waterfalls
The Chemerong Waterfall or some call Lata Cemeruh, with its 305 m slope offers yet untouched and diverse riches of nature and wildlife. The tallest waterfall in Terengganu state, it is another good point for trekking activities. This remote and very tall Cemerong Fall though easily accessible, reaching the fall is quite an expedition because of its remoteness and lack of signage.

From the carpark, a nearby trail leds to the thick forest where you will find a few very attractive waterfalls in a steep ravine (be careful!). There is a nice place to camp nearby. At the left side of the Lower Fall, a trail starts uphill. In the beginning it is cemented. The stream is very quiet here and there are beautiful buttressed trees. It will take you about one hour to reach the top of the waterfall.

Location : In the inner land of Dungun, about 30 minutes drive from Kg. Pasir Raja
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Lata Tembakah
The Lata Tembakah Waterfalls is located in the Pelagat forest reserve is made of a beautiful seven-tiered cascading waterfall with its highest point at 50 metres. The park is a haven for those who are health conscious and love adventure retreats such as swimming, camping, jungle-trekking and nature walks. The park provides basic amenities such as changing rooms and rest areas.

For nature and adventure lovers, they can go for jungle trekking in the forest or just take a stroll along the footpaths and concrete steps. There are also camping facilities available, as well as chalets and rest house, for those who want to stay overnight.

The first waterfalls are actually more like cascades. They have nice, large pools, which make them perfect for family outings. Not surprisingly, this park can be crowded during weekends and holidays. When you follow the trail along the river, you'll reach the mid falls. It is number 4 of the list and is a tall fall (about 80 meters). From here you can continue to the upper falls by either following the jungle trail, which is clearly signposted.

The upper falls are also very impressive and as it takes some effort to reach them, it will be quiet even on crowded weekends.
Location : about 24km from Jerteh / 130km from Kuala Terengganu.
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Lata Berangin Waterfalls
The Caressing Lata Berangin is an ideal spot to rest after a tiring and strenous jungle trekking. The cool breeze with the cascanding water from a height of 300 feet will soothe away tiredness giving one a sense of vigour and vitality. Challenging activities such as jungle trekking and abseiling are effective to test the physical strenght and mental power of the participants. There are 3 trails of different levels, however all these trails will take visitors through several interesting places such as Lata Berangin, Batu Katak, Gua Bahtera and others. The Forest Recreational Park provides a sense of freedom and harmony.
Location : About 130 km from Kuala Terengganu and 40 km from Besut
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