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Terengganu Islands ~ Diving at Pulau Tenggol

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Tenggol Island size about 435ha. In April, clear water and visibility up to 20). Whale shark season in Aug, Sept and Oct. Monsoon season takes over Oct to March. One week before and after monsoon season would be the best time to visit because water is extra calm.

The Islands
The Tenggol group of islands is the most southerly of Terengganu's Marine Parks. It consists of Pulau Tenggol, Pulau Nyireh (Nyireh Island), Tokong Timur, Tokong Talang, Tokong Burung and Tokong Kemudi. Before being declared a marine park, Pulau Tenggol was a favourite hunting ground for spear-fishermen, particularly for snappers and groupers.

The Island is renowned for its beautiful white sandy beach, clear blue waters and is no doubt one the best diving spot in Peninsular. This remote and tucked away tropical island paradise is a diving haven for divers who wants a quiet and relaxing getaway diving environment

Dive Features
Tenggol features a dramatic drop-off on the eastern side of the island to 48ft and offers more than 20 stunning dive sites. Most sites bottoms out at 30 metres with large rocky outcrops and boulder-like terrain dominating the seascape. Divers will be able to choose their type of diving, ranging from the relaxing to the more demanding sites.
For the more experienced divers, who prefer to get their adrenaline pumping, can opt for the more demanding dive sites like, "Tokong Timur", "Tokong Laut" or "Tanjung Api", where strong currents, deeper waters and pelagics prevail. For those looking for big fish encounters, head for the northeastern bay of Pulau Tenggol during the months of March through to August.


Tokong Timur
Further out lies a big boulder with gentle slopes that is a popular site named Tokong Timur. The sloping reef go down to over 60 ft here, and is well-covered with a variety of pretty soft and hard corals and sea whips. This place positively rains fish down upon the diver, with endless swimming schools of bannerfish, fusiliers, angelfish, and Humphead Parrotfish. Also frequently seen are Lizardfish resting on coral or rock heads and Banana Fish. Surface swell can be rough depending on the weather and time during the dive.

Tenggol Bay or Tokong Air Tawar
Across the other eastern side of Pulau Tenggol from the main bay of Teluk Air Tawah are the two bays of Tanjung Pisang and Tanjung Sarang Lang.

The well-sheltered bay is excellent for checkout dives and night dives from the shore. Depth gradually increases down the gentle slope to about 20 metres. Hard corals dominate the terrain with sporadic soft corals adding a touch of colour to the monochromatic seascape. It is also one of the favourite sites to locate a diversity of nudibranchs. Shy garden eels can be observed towards the right of the bay at about 18 metres depth on the sandy bottom. Lots of chromis, fusiliers and butterfly fish inhabit the coral garden. Nocturnal animals include the spanish dancer (large nudibranch swimming in mid water), moray eels and crabs.

Batu Tokong Laut & The Highway
This area offers non-stop action with its strong surface swells, currents and frenzy of schooling pelagic fish and rays. One of the more popular sites for advance divers seeking out schools of fish. Located in the open sea, the boulder-like terrain features interesting swim through tunnels and crevices for divers to explore. Some of the fish sighted include batfish, fusiliers, jacks and kingfish.

On good days, divers are treated to the awe-inspiring sight of these big boys streaming along this underwater highway amongst the intriguing terrain of big boulders. A peek on the underside of these boulder walls reveal golden fields of blooming cave corals as one swims through tunnels and openings formed by the boulders. Upon surfacing, inquisitive batfish invariably accompany divers during ascent and safety stops. The large coral-clad boulder outcrops at Batu Tokong at 80 ft are playgrounds of favourites like Whale Sharks, turtles, Eagle and Manta Rays. For the more experienced divers, this is a must-go site.

Tokong Kamudi
Granite boulder pinnacle coming up To the surface. Diving depth: 10-110ft / 3-33m. From the 100ft wall at Tokong Kamudi, the seascape has a good mix of hard and soft corals. Christmas tree worms carpet the face of porite mounds. Expect to see lots of sea anemone, nudibranchs, butterflyfish, wrasses, parrotfish and large snappers.

One can do a drift-dive at 80ft from to Pulau Tokong Burong, and be regaled with schools of barracudas, tunas, jacks, snappers and fusiliers. As with the other areas around Pulau Tenggol, these sites are also nudibranch havens.

Pulau Tokong Burong
Small granite-boulder islet. Diving depth: 10-85ft / 3-25m. Sloping rocky reef with variety of hard, leather, whip and wire corals. Some soft corals, anemones and gorgonian fans. Here you will find bumphead parrotfishes, scorpion fishes, blue spotted fantail rays, cuttlefish, squid, nudibranchs and flatworms, titan trigger fishes, giant moray eels and possibly hawksbill turtles

Pulau Nyireh
The larger nearby island of Pulau Nyireh with fringing reef offers easy diving in general. With the area being mostly calm, beginners too can enjoy the marine life found in these shallow waters of 30 to 40 ft in depth. Shallow areas have large granite boulders covered with corals and anemones. Deeper areas rocky with sandy patches and some soft- and wire corals. Most of what you see here are coral fish like various wrasses, squirrelfish, Moorish Idols, parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish, butterfly fish, Spotted coral groupers, scorpion fishes, many angelfishes and butterfly fishes, squid, bumphead parrotfishes, nudibranchs and flat worms and possibly hawksbill turtles.

Tokong Talang
Small granite boulder pinnacle coming up to the surface. Jumble of granite boulders stacked on top of one another and spread along the sandy bottom. Nice dive site with variety of hard and soft corals but mainly interesting because of its fish life. Diving depth: 10-85ft / 3-25m. Marine Life: Schooling big eye jacks, rainbow runners, robust fusiliers, squid and big eye snappers, six- banded / blue ringed / emperor and keyhole angel fishes, giant moray eels, scorpion fishes, painted spiny lobsters, blue spotted fantail rays, nudibranchs and flat worms. Also many parrot and butterfly fishes.



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Located 17Km off the southern coast of Terengganu, Pulau Tenggol is known mainly as a beautiful but rugged diving getaway. Just 3km long and 2km wide, it has a forested interior with a rocky terrain that extends to the ocean.
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