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Islands of Terengganu ~ Tenggol Island

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The Island Diving at Tenggol Stay Getting There

Located 17Km off the southern coast of Terengganu, Pulau Tenggol is known mainly as a beautiful but rugged diving getaway.

Pulau Tenggol is a small island just 3km long and 2km wide, it has a forested interior with a rocky terrain that extends to the ocean.

The only flat areas are by the shoreline in the west, that includes the large sandy bay area of Teluk Ayer Tawar. Pulau Tenggol, is part of the Tenggol group of islands that also includes Pulau Nyireh (Nyireh Island), Tokong Timur, Tokong Talang, Tokong Burung and Tokong Kemudi.

Diving in Tenggol

There are more than 20 dive sties around Tenggol and nearby Nyireh islands. Pulau Tenggol is gazetted as a marine sanctuary and offers the avid diver over 20 diving spots around Tenggol and nearby Nyireh islands. These include - Batu Cancang noted for its clear waters and good visibility, the southern end of Telok Ayer Tawar famous for resident white tips, Napoleons and Batu Tokong Kamudi, home to large pelagics, turtles and whale sharks. The deep waters surrounding the island offer good visibility especially during the months of April until June.
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Stay-in Tenggol Island

There are currently 2 resort operators at Pulau Tenggol, both at Teluk Air Tawar Bay area - Tenggol Island Beach Resort , and Tenggol Island Resort. Electricity at the resorts here is only available from 6pm to 10am

Tenggol Island Resort - Formerly known as Tenggol Aqua Resort, this is the largest of the islands resorts, accommodations here is in the form of chalets or bungalows, with fully attached bathrooms and toilet facilities. This family-run operation also has the only decent fully-equipped dive outfit on the island.

Tenggol Island Beach Resort - Located in the middle Teluk Air Tawar with 8 units of timber chalets in semi-detached style. All rooms are equipped with either two or three single beds, fans as well as attached bathrooms with hot shower. The room is extremely basic but it is rather expected for a typical off-the-beaten track dive resort like this one. Resort facilities include a restaurant overlooking the beautiful beach where daily meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. There is also a dive centre adjacent to the restaurant where daily diving trips can be arranged

Getting There
From Kuala Terengganu, it is about one and half hour's drive south to quiet coastal fishing town of Kuala Dungun and from here take the resort ferry boat (usually at 10am) to Pulau Tenggol (about an hour boat ride).

Other than this boat services have to be arranged with Tenggol Aqua Resort, since Pulau Tenggol is not serviced by public or regular boat transport. The nearest airports are at Kerteh, about 40 minutes from Kuala Dungun. Air-cond coaches from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Terangganu also stop at Kuala Dungun. Or you can drive to Kuala Dungun, park at the office of Tenggol Aqua Resort, and take the boat to
Pulau Tenggol.

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