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Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits

• Background • Kuala Terengganu • Sights & Visits • Beaches • The Islands • Kenyir Lake • Getting There •
• Terengganu State Map • Travel-in Terengganu • Stay-in Terengganu •

• Sights & Visits • Activities •

Terengganu is one Malaysian state, blessed with a wealth of charming landscapes and natural wonders, a coastline of white sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, captivating offshore islands and aquamarine waters make it a great holiday destination.

Sights & Visits

K. Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits I
• Central Market - Pasar Payang • Bukit Puteri (Princess Hill) • Istana Maziah (Maziah Palace) • Terengganu State Museum •

K. Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits II
• Pulau Duyung • Seberang Takir Fishing Village •
• Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Floating Mosque) • Crystal Mosque •

Places of interests in the capital, Kuala Terengganu, include the central market - Pasar Payang, a colourful hive of activity with good batik displays and brassware bargains. The Terengganu State Museum, built on stilts, offers interesting displays and a must-see is a performance of traditional dances and martial arts at the Cultural Centre located on Batu Buruk Beach. The beach is also a great place to stroll in the evening when the food stalls open.

Merang & Marang
• Merang • Merang Beach •
• Marang • Marang River Safari • Squid Jigging ~ Candat Sotong •

Not to be confused with names, ME-rang is the take-off point for visitors to Pulau Redang (Redang Island), Pulau Lang Tengah (Lang Tengah Island) and Pulau Bidong (Bidong Island), while MA-rang, which is much further down the coast, is the take-off point for Pulau Kapas (Kapas Island). These are place that you can chill out before proceeding onwards to the Islands. With long stretches of tall coconut palms, golden sands, gentle surf and emerald-coloured waters both Merang and Marang are places where you can chill out before heading out to the islands

Turtles & Hotsprings
• Rantau Abang • Turtle Information Centre • LA Hot Springs •

Rantau Abang is one of the few areas in the world that the leatherback nests. A documentary on the turtle and its nesting habits is screened at regular intervals at the Rantau Abang Visitors' Centre. Rantau Abang is also known for its white, sandy and rocky beaches such as Teluk Bidara and Tanjong Jara. LA hotsprings ia popular recreational Park with its hot springs famous for its healing properties. There is one naturally formed pool and several man-made pools built to cater the needs of visitors.

• Sekayu Waterfalls • Cemerong Waterfalls •
• Lata Tembakah • Lata Berangin Waterfalls • Kenyir Waterfalls •

The waterfalls in the state include the beautiful 3-tiered Sekayu Waterfalls that is located 56 km from Kuala Terenggannu and the 305 meter slope of the Chemerong Waterfall, which is the tallest waterfall in the state. For nature and adventure lovers, is the beautiful seven-tiered cascading Lata Tembakah Waterfalls and the 300 feet of cascading water from the Lata Berangin Waterfalls, both located further out at 130 Km from Kuala Terengganu

The Islands
• Pulau Perhentian Besar & Perhentian Kecil • Redang Island •
• Kapas & Gemia Island • Pulau Lang Tengah • Pulau Tenggol & Bidong •

Terengganu’s biggest attractions are its picturesque and captivating island retreats offering beautiful beaches of soft white sand, breathtaking blue waters and dazzling undersea gardens. These islands are surrounded by beautiful palm-fringed sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise-blue sea with all manner of aquatic life such as visible both near and far from the beach such.

Kenyir Lake
• An Introduction • Waterfalls & Caves • Hills & Islands Activities •
• Getting There •

Located about 80km from Kuala Terengganu, Kenyir lake is unique for her beautiful scenario of tropical forest and its valuable flora and fauna species. Kenyir Lake provides for total relaxation and enjoyment in a unique environment that is .a popular and ideal retreat for nature lovers, anglers and fun seeking adventurers



Terengganu is an ideal spot for those who love nature and adventure.

To trek in the lush forest in Terengganu is an experience. Nearly 60% of the state is still covered by tropical rainforest, spread mainly in the interior and that is excellent for trekking and camping lovers. Getting an experienced and knowledgeable guide is important to show you the trails and the plants or life in the jungle. Among the popular areas are Hulu Dungun, Pasir Raja, Kenyir Lake, Gunung Tebu

A day trip trekking along the trails to the waterfalls will also be rewarding. Some recreational park such as Sekayu and Lata Tembakah has facilities such as with huts, BBQ fire place, changing rooms and parking area for visitors

Diving and Snorkeling
You can never miss the chance to dive or snorkel in the clear blue ocean of South China Sea when you are here in Terengganu. Its islands are a paradise of colourful coral reefs and marine life

Mountain Climbing
Climbing mountain is a pleasant experience in Terengganu simply because most of the mountains in this area are covered by thick tropical rainforest with rich vegetation in addition to the significant diverse of temperature between lowland and mountain area that creates a mossy and misty scenery in the forest.

Forests and mountains in Terengganu are mainly located in the interior of the state which is also part of the Titiwangsa range. Amongst the popular is Gunung Tebu in the north of Kuala Terengganu, Gunung Main Angin (1459m) and Gunung Gagau (1376m) in the Terengganu-Pahang border

Most of the coastal roads in the state are flat but challenging with slopes and strong headwinds from the sea. The route can be anywhere from Besut in the north to Chukai in the south, passing rustic traditional villages and small towns with great views of beach and sea.

4WD Adventure
The rugged terrain, lush rain forests and mountainous landscape in east coast has provides a challenging off-road driving experience. The 4WD off-road trails cover Hulu Terengganu, crossing Kenyir Lake and ending the journey in Kuala Terengganu. Off-road driving is a year round activity and through Monsoons with participants having to overcome the obstacles of being stuck in the muddy stretches, crossing fast flowing rivers etc. The 4WD adventure usually lasts a few days, driving through dense vegetation, and sleeping in tents in the jungle


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