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Islands of Terengganu ~ Lang Tengah Island

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Perhaps one of the final Robinson Crusoe-type frontiers among Malaysia's East Coast islands, it is hemmed in by the better-known Redang and Perhentian getaways, it has escaped the crowdedness of the others.

When translated from the Malay Language, Pulau Lang Tengah means an
"Eagle resting on the middle island". Pulau Lang Tengah is between Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang.

Lang Tengah Island is a very small island located between Perhentian Island and Redang Island that can be reached by a 30 minutes boat ride from Merang jetty. The clear emerald waters and the coral reefs around it is popular with scuba divers and snorkellers. Lang Tengah island itself is covered by hilly tropical rainforest, which offers varied flora and fauna for those willing to trek through the island. Being only 30 minutes away by speedboat from Redang, Lang Tengah is the perfect place for a daytrip.

Snorkelling and Reefs
The house reef in front of Blue Coral had plenty of damsels, wrasses and other usual reef fishes as well as many sea urchins.
The shallow house reef in front of Square Point Resort was covered mainly with staghorn coral, and provides opportunities to spot adult blacktip reef sharks which frequent the shallow areas of the reef. There is a clear reef edge marked by surface buoys, where the bottom sloped away quickly into deeper blue waters.

Stay-in Lang Tengah Island
There are 4 resorts offering accommodations on Lang Tengah, 2 each on Pasir Air and Pasir Mat Hassan, the 2 stretches of sandy beach. Catering towards large 200 plus air conditioned rooms rather than budget beach chalets.

Sitting solitary on a whole beach is Square Point Resort. Powdery coral-white sand stretches on either side of it, the delight of tan-seekers and beachcombers. During the day, swing on a hammock but keep an eye-out for dolphins. Otherwise, wade into the water, don fins and mask and explore the extensive House Reef for turtles, baby nurse sharks and shoals of colourful reef fish.

Blue Coral Island Resort has 70 air-con rooms with bathroom, hot shower and long bath. Facilities include a swimming pool, an open air restaurant serving western and oriental dishes, music and reading rooms, and a dive centre.

Redang Lang Island Resort: Has 40 air-con rooms with bathroom, fan and 2 queen-sized double beds. Facilities include a conference room for up to 60 persons, karaoke lounge, gift shop and dive centre.

D' Coconut Lagoon: Has 16 rooms and 13 suites, all air-con with bathroom. Facilities include a swimming pool & spa, restaurant serving local & Western cuisine, bar and dive centre.

Getting There
If you've booked a package on Lang Tengah, you'll depart from Merang jetty. The speedboat ride takes about 40 minutes.


Diving In Lang Tengah
Lang Tengah has a number of dive sites. Among the more popular ones are
Tanjung Nibong Laut (26m), Yellow Reef (Terumbu Kuning, 25m), Tanjung Telunjuk, Karang Nibong, Batu Bulan and the house reefs.

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