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Kuala Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits II

• Background • Kuala Terengganu • Sights & Visits • Beaches • The Islands • Kenyir Lake • Getting There •
• Terengganu State Map • Travel-in Terengganu • Stay-in Terengganu •

• Pulau Duyung • Seberang Takir Fishing Village •
• Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Floating Mosque) • Crystal Mosque •

Pulau Duyung
Kuala Terengganu was once a port-of-call for spice traders in early 1900s. Traders and seafarers started requesting and using boats made specifically in Pulau Duyung. This led to its reputation as a centre of traditional boat-making industry. Never compromising on quality, these master craftsmen have taken as long as two years and more to complete vessels with painstaking detail.

Most are made of the hardy local hardwood species, the chengal, preferred for its durability. In fact, the quality and durability of boats made by Malay builders in Pulau Duyung have attracted many owners from Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, England, Denmark, France and Italy. The vessels constructed range from row boats to deep sea fishing boats and luxury yachts for overseas clients. What is fascinating is that the builders work from memory and experience rather than blueprint and many of the boats are dovetailed and pegged rather than nailed. One can stroll from one workshop to another to see these craftsmen at work.

Pulau Duyung, gets its mane from the word "Duyung" which means Mermaid. Legend has it that mermaids had "landed" on the island in the past. Nevertheless, the island is synonymous with boat making and expert builders who inherit their skills from their forefathers. In the early 80s, there were some 30 boatyards on the island. Now there are only four.

From the headland of the island, a Chinese village with wooden stilt houses can be seen. It has been recognised by the World Monuments Watch in its listing of 100 Most Endangered Sites.The island has a thriving dried salted fish and crackers industry. On Friday evening (from 16:00 to 21:00), Pulau Duyung houses a great night market.

It is easily accessible by the Sultan Mahmud Bridge, or for those who enjoy using sea transportation, it takes a five-minute boat ride from the Kuala Terengganu waterfront.
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Seberang Takir Fishing Village
Another village that is a 5 minute boat-ride away is Seberang Takir. Looking across the river, you can see a throbbing fishing village with women going about their daily chores. This is Seberang Takir.

There are frequent riverboats to the village and can be taken from the Terengganu Ferry Terminal, just round the corner of Jalan Bandar. On reaching Seberang Takir's jetty, head for Kampung Hujung Tanjung. Here, the families of this village are mostly involved in some form of cottage industry to supplement their lifestyle.

From batik printing, keropok lekor and prawn cracker making, drying fish in the sun to packing it for export. You can also catch the fishermen coming in with their catch in the early afternoons or late evenings.
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Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque (Floating Mosque)
The striking whitewashed Moorish-inspired house of worship set on the estuary of the Terengganu River seemingly floats on water, hence its nickname, “the Floating Mosque".

Built in 1994 on the estuary of Ibai river, the choice of for the mosque's location is an excellent one: the open horizon with spectrum of colours spattering the sky as the background, the mosque's joyous reflection in the murky-blue water, and the white sandy beaches stretching luxuriously along the shore. The idea of building Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque at Teluk Ibai in Kuala Terengganu came from the late Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah. He named the mosque Tengku Tengah Zaharah, taken from his beloved mother’s name. Combining Moorish and modern architecture, the pristine white, plain and unadorned mosque makes an unpretentious architectural statement, yet bold and strong at the same time.

Visitors are advised to wear attire that cover the upper body down to the knees when visiting mosques and non-Muslims are not allowed to enter during prayer times.
Location : Kuala Ibai, about 7 km from the state capital.
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Crystal Mosque
Situated at the Islamic Civilisation Park in Pulau Wan Man (Taman Tamandun Islam) is the majestic looking Crystal Mosque. With the river setting in the front, it is largely made of glass with 4 crystals located up the 4 minarets.

Besides the Crystal Mosque, the park also houses replicas of buildings related to Islamic Civilizations all over the world.. Among the featured replicas are the Al-Aqsa Mosque (Jerusalem), Taj Mahal (India), Al-Hambra (Spain), Kaylan Tower (Uzbekistan), Kudus Minar (Indonesia), Samarra Mosque (Iraq), Sulayman Complex (Turkey), Shaikh Lotfullah (Iran), Xian Mosque (China), Qol Sharif (Russia), and Qairawan (Tunisia)
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