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Terengganu Islands ~ Diving at Pulau Kapas & Gemia

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The key attraction for diving at Pulau Kapas is the World War II shipwreck located 5 nautical miles offshore. The outer reefs on her seaward side has are good diving spots as well. Its shallow water makes it an ideal training ground for divers. Japanese boats and boats plying the route from Singapore carrying rice sags during World War II have been sunk in the area. Thai fishing boats caught on illegal entry in Terengganu waters are also sunk here as artificial reefs.

In the open sea, divers will come across the Shark Point and Turtle Point. Those into wreck diving will find the waters surrounding Pulau Kapas intriguing.

There are also remnants of wooden boats washed ashore. These boats were used by Vietnamese refugees who tried to escape Pulau Bidong, their temporary shelter about 27 nautical miles from Pulau Kapas. Previously a well-guarded secret amongst members of the diving community, Kapas has now become more accessible with the building of the Primula Kapas Island Resort.

The reefs surrounding Pulau Kapas ranges in depth from 3-20 metres. Snorkeling and underwater diving is popular along stretches of shallow coral reefs of the island's western shore.


This reef is located on the eastern side of Pulau Kapas. Two large boulders with coral growth are home to a number of reef fishes such as damsels, wrasses, blennies and gobies. This is also a good site to observe groupers and if lucky, bamboo sharks can be seen resting under crevices.

Japanese Landing Craft Wreck
About 30 minutes north of Pulau Kapas is a Japanese landing craft wreck lying upright at a depth of 25 metres. Divers descend by the anchor line from the dive boat to reach the wreck. Sections of the metal hull and the anti aircraft guns are carpeted with soft corals and is home to a number of small marine animals. Water visibility varies between 5 to 15 metres at best. Frequent encounters with whale sharks at this site makes up for its poor visibility.

Pulau Gemia
North of Pulau Kapas is Pulau Gemia. The depth profile of the reef around this island varies between 5 to 16 metres with hard corals carpeting the seascape. Darting about the acropora hard corals gardens are chromis, damsels, wrasses, and parrotfish. Occasionally, a school of bump head wrasses will graze through the coral rubble foraging for food.

Getting There
Pulau Kapas and Pulau Cemia (located to the north of Pulau Kapas) are merely 20 to 30 minutes by speedboat from the mainland off the coastal town of Marang, 15 kilometres south of Kuala Terengganu.


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The Island is an ideal place to break away and chill it out. Pulau Kapas has numerous deserted, white sandy beaches lined with shady palm trees to make a perfect niche to laze on.
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