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Perak ~ Kuala Kangsar

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Kuala Kangsar (population about 165,00) is a well preserved old Royal Town where its serenity and its well-maintained old palaces are worth a mention. Located 60km Northeast of Ipoh at the mouth of Kangsar River, where it flows into the Perak River, It is home to generations of Sultans and their families. The sultan of Perak officially resides in Kuala Kangsar, and it has been Perak's royal seat since the 18th century.

It was the administrative seat of the first British Resident in the Malay Peninsula, James W.W. Birch, from October 1874 until he was murdered on November 2, 1875. Kuala Kangsar is known in Malaysian history as the site where the first Conference of Rulers, the Durbar, was held in 1897. By the 1890s, the growth of the tin mining towns of Ipoh and Taiping had eclipsed Kuala Kangsar, but it remains to this day one of the most attractive of the Malay royal capitals.

The name Kuala Kangsar is believed to be derived its name from the “kangsar” tree (hibiscus flocossus) which grows in abundance along the banks of the Sungai Kangsar, a tributary of the Sungai Perak. Another says the name was handed down by explorers who established a settlement at the mouth of the river. They had called the place “Kuala Kurang Sa”, short for “Kuala Kurang Seratus” which means “one short of hundred” because there are 99 tributaries there.

Perak River Safari
The River Safari along the Perak River offers sights of riverine villages, domestic buffaloes, terrapin and other inhabitants, birds and insects, tropical rain forest that reach down to the water’s edge and agile monkeys playing catch-me-if-you-can in the forest cover. Malaysia’s river eco-system is open for your exploration. The eco-tourist will definitely experience an unforgettable adventure as the trip

River Safaris are conducted by several experts who have reservation booths along the Perak River at Jalan Tebing, Tepi Sungai. A 25-minutes ride to Jawang is followed by a two hour river cruise. The activities in which you can participate in Jawang include bird watching, jungle trekking, rafting, canoeing, fishing and visits to limestone caves. You can even arrange to spend a few nights in an Orang Asli Village.

Suka Suka Lake Resort
Sukasuka is a small private island in the middle of a Lake situated about 18km from Kuala Kangsar. Nearby are the villages of Batu Reng and Kg. Kelantan. The artificial lake caused by the hydroelectric dam is a place to just lay back, chill and relax. You will meet your very hospitable hosts, Aziz and Aisha twhom will make you feel welcome. A great way to experience traditional Malay living - eating good Malay dishes, wear traditional Sarongs and learn about local village customs. You get get to also play card games or learn to play the a fun and addictive local game called Chongkak. If offers basic A-frame bungalows with communal facilities and en-suite facilities. You can swom at the lake or also head to the nearby waterfall (mind the leeches though). Hosts were Muslim - no drink whilst on the Island.

Activities - Touring Kayak / Fishing / Jungle Trekking / Mountain Climbing / Waterfall walk / Boat tour / rafting / Playing Congkak - Indoor / Fruit picking ( season only)

For those who drive, it take around 45 min from (Ipoh) Jelapang Tol Plaza, you will reach Kuala Kangsar Plaza tol and take a straight way to Grik, which is abt 15 min form the Tol Plaza you will see Kampung Kelantan signboard and turn right - you can find the jetty to Sukasuka Island by end of that road. Boat ride to Suka Suka Lake Resort takes about 20 minutes

Oldest Rubber Tree
Also here is one of two oldest rubber trees in Peninsula that have survived the years.Of the first nine rubber trees planted with seeds from the Kew Gardens in London brought by first Perak Resident Sir Hugh Low in 1877, only one still stands next to the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council building.

The tour of this royal town does not stop here with so many other old buildings worth visiting like the Clifford School and the Victoria Bridge.

Kuala Kangsar is also known for its handicraft industry.
Sayong, about 10km away across the Iskandar Bridge from Kuala Kangsar, is home to the labu sayong or earthen water pitcher. Makers of the labu sayong, be it those who adopt the traditional way of moulding with hands or using casts to set in, are aplenty at Kampung Kepala Bendang where this particular type of water pitcher originated.

The craft bazaar along the Sungai Perak offers local handicraft items such as “bubu hiasan” (decorative fish traps), “tikar mengkuang” mats, tekat benang emas (gold embroidery) and “anyaman rotan” (rattan woven) items.

Kuala Kangsar is also known for its food, including the “laksa gandum"
made of wheat flour as compared to the northern “laksa” of rice flour, which goes along well with the “cendol” or “ais kacang” drink at the riverside stalls.
The traditional kuih (sweet cakes) of the town are still prepared in the traditional way. A popular delicacy is the kuih apam tepung beras, and Kuih Labu’ (pumpkin cakes wrapped in banana leaves). The town is also famous for its gulai tempoyak (fermented durian dish) prepared with the patin, baung or other river fish. Food stalls at Dataran Sungai Perak offer famous local delicacies like gulai tempoyak ikan patin, laksa kuala and grilled fish.

Getting There
Kuala Kangsar is about 30 minutes drive from Ipoh on the North-South Expressway. It is also accessible by the old trunk road, passing through Chemor and  Sungai Siput, from Ipoh.


Kuala Kangsar ~ Sightseeing
The Royal Museum of Perak / Istana Iskandariah / Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery / Ubudiah Mosque / Malay College / Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Bridge / Pavilion Square Tower
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