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Taman Negara ~ Activities & Places

Highland Retreats Kuantan to Cherating  Raub & Pekan Sumgei Lembing
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Activities within the Park are primarily nature based, taking full advantage of the many streams, rivers, caves hills and the forest itself. Visitors can enjoy the tropical rain forest, bird watching or jungle trekking , a boat ride, a bracing swim in cool waters and even a spot of angling should you so desire. You can take day or night time jungle walks or stay in a hide and maybe catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife that exists within the park.

Orang Asli Settlements
One such settlement is Kampung Yong where you can get a better insight into one of Malaysia's aboroginal people, the Batek.

River trips are available that include meandering cruises that allow you to enjoy the surrounding scenery at a leisurely pace or shooting the rapids. Traveling upstream from Kuala Tembeling on Sungei Tembeling will give a thrilling 45 minutes of shooting the rapids

Bird Watching
The Park is naturally one of the premier bird watching spots in the region with over 550 species of birds. These include Drongos, Malkohas and the Pied hornbills, to name but a few.

Wildlife & Hides
Wildlife observation can be done from observation hides built around the many salt licks.

It takes two days to reach the best fishing area located along Sungai Tahan near Lata Berkoh and Sungai Kenyan. Angling permitted only in the waters of the Tahan River below Lata Berkoh, The best time for fishing are February, March, July and August.

Cave Exploration
Popular Caves such as Gua Telinga, Gua Kepayang, and Gua Daun Menari offer spectacular rock formations a variety of life within its interiors. Gua Luas is a limestone formation that offers good caving.
Gua Kepayang Besar is the largest cave and with the most impressive formation.
Gua Kepayang Kecil offers good camping between stream and cave.
Gua Daun Menari or the Cave of Dancing Leaves while also a good place for camping, is also home to thousands of round leaf bats.

Abai Waterfall
An hours walk from Nusa Holiday Village, passing Orang Asli (aborigines) village and criss crossing the Abai river several times before reaching the waterfall. A delightful place for a swim

Warisan Hill
Roughly a hours trek through steep hills, it is an ideal place for bird watching, especially in the early morning and late evening hours.
The top provides an excellent view.

Kuala Tahan (Taman Negara HQ)
From Nusa Village, you ferry across the Tembeling river, then a 2 hours trek along undulating and steep trails or 15 minutes by river bus negotiating 2 sets of rapids.

Canopy Walk
Installed at an elevation above 25 metres and stretching over 400 metres,
it is one of the worlds longest. About 20 minutes walk from Kuala Tahan, the walkway opens from 11.30am to 03.00pm from Saturdays through Thursdays and 09.00am to 12 noon on Fridays.

Teresek Hill
About 45 minutes walk from Kuala Tahan, it offers spectacular hilltop views
and an introduction to rainforest trees and their elusive inhabitants

Lata Berkoh
This spectacular waterfall cascade marks the limit of easy navigation on the river. The deep pool below the cascade offers a good swim and an ideal site for a picnic lunch. A chartered 4 seat boat takes about an hour depending on the river level or a pleasant 2 hours walk from Kuala Tahan.

Kuala Keniam / Kuala Perkai
10 hours trek from Nusa Village to Kuala Keniam (19.6 km) and 2 hours to
Kuala Perkai (3 km), or a 8 hours walk from Kuala Terenggan to Kuala Keniam. The long trek through limestone country, it has broad clear trail beyond Kumbang, running further up to the Terenggan Valley and then across low lying country past several limestone hills and finally through rolling hills to Kuala Keniam


Taman Negara Area Map
Map displays locations of trek trails with rivers, settlements, campsites, caves, waterfalls, hills, etc





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