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Terengganu  The Land of Turtles

Located on the north-eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Terengganu is endowed with a wealth of charming and refreshing natural landscapes. She has beaches, exotic islands, lush virgin tropical jungle, quaint fishing villages, dazzling waterfalls and world renowned Islands and beaches. Miles and miles of white, sandy beaches and crystal clear water stretches throughout its 225 km coastline, extending from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the South.

Her islands are among the most picturesque and fascinating in the country.
From its myriad of colourful pastimes which include batik printing and songket weaving to the rapturous celebration of its many generations of cultural and traditional heritage, Terengganu is indeed a very blessed state.

Terengganu offers an amazing bargain of natural attractions and cultural diversity distinctly different from what can be found along the west coast.

A remarkable aspect is that most of the beaches and islands remain largely undamaged by excessive development in the name of tourism as frequently is the case with popular seaside destinations all over the world. Terengganu, thankfully, stands conservatively in its approach to sell itself as a "back to nature" destination

The coastal city of Kuala Terengganu, is both state and royal capital and is the major city in Terengganu. The pace of life in Kuala Terengganu, and all the towns and villages in Terengganu is unhurried and unaffected by the hustle and bustle of a big city.


Full State Name - Terengganu
Weather - Tropical climate, with daily temperatures ranging from 22°-33°C, and relative humidity between 80-87%. May is usually the hottest month and January the coolest. The northeast monsoon rains usually begin after the first week of November and are characterized by heavy rain spells lasting 2-3 days duration accompanied by strong winds and rough seas.
Population – About 2 million
Capital / Royal city – Kuala Terengganu
People - Malays 96%, Chinese, 2.6%, Indians 0.2%, Others 1.2%
Head of State - Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin
Major products / Industries – Petroleum, Tourism, Fishing and agricultural products such as vegetables and fruits. Terengganu is also traditionally famous for its boat building industry



Know the background info of the State
History - People & Culture - Climate & Weather - Travel Tips

Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu, the state capital stands on the bank of the Terengganu River. The feeling is laid back, slow paced and free and easy.
Chinatown - Local Cuisine - Handicrafts and Shopping

Places of Interests
K. Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits I
K. Terengganu ~ Sights & Visits II

Sights & Visits

Places of interests to visit and see : 
Merang & Marang / Turtles & Hotsprings /



Using K. Terengganu as mid-reference point
The Northern Beaches
The Southern Beaches


Terengganu State Map

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K. Terengganu & The Islands


Stay-in Terengganu

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The Islands / Kenyir


Terengganu ~ The Islands

Terengganu’s biggest attractions are its picturesque and captivating island retreats offering beautiful beaches of soft white sand, breathtaking blue waters and dazzling undersea gardens.

Pulau Perhentian / Pulau Redang /
Pulau Kapas / Pulau Gemia /
Pulau Lang Tengah /
Pulau Bidong / Pulau Tenggol
Terengganu Islands - Diving


Kenyir Lake

Located about 80km from Kuala Terengganu, Kenyir Lake provides for total relaxation and is a popular and ideal retreat for nature lovers, anglers and photographers, as well as cavers.
Map & Intro / Waterfalls & Caves /
Hills & Islands / Activities /
Getting There

Getting There

Getting to Kuala Terengganu
Road / Bus / Train / Air
Getting to the Islands
To Perhentian Besar & Kecil
To P. Redang / P. Lang Tenagh / P. Bidong
To P. Kapas / P. Gemia / P. Tenggol
Getting Around on the Islands


Travel-in Terengganu

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In and around K. Terengganu
The Islands & Kenyir


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