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Around Kuching ~ Orang Utans & Crocodiles

• Semmengoh Orang Utan Sanctuary • Jong’s Crocodile Farm •

Semmengoh Orang Utan Sanctuary
Semmengoh became the first forest reserve in Sarawak it was the 800 hectares of jungle were set aside by Rajah Vyner Brooke in 1920. It was turned into a wildlife rehabilitation centre for monkeys, orang utans, honey bears and hornbills in 1975. All were either orphaned or were confiscated having been kept illegally as pets. The aim was to reintroduce as many of the animals as possible to their natural habitat. In 1995 many of the animals were transferred to the Matang Wildlife Centre. However Orang utans still visit the centre for their food handouts.

Now there are about twenty semi-wild Orang -utans, which can be seen during their twice daily feeding times. The short trek into the forest is via a plank walk way, until you reach a viewing platform. A large bucket of bananas, papayas, oranges, sugarcane and banana are tipped onto the feeding platform several metres away. Slowly there would come

Normally the juvenile males and females with babies would hit the food first, grabbing all they could carry before clambering back up into the trees. Then a huge male would waddle down and made his way to the food. He will eat his fill while the rest wait on the edge in respectful silence. Once done he will climb back to the treetops. He leaves plenty behind for the others, which they promptly do.

It is amazing how the Orang-utans use their “thumbed” feet to grasp and eat the fruit, just as we use our hands. With fruits in their mouth, hand and foot they climb back to eat theirs spoils in the trees in relative peace.

The feeding time is done twice a day once in the morning at 9.00 and once more in the afternoon at 2.00pm
Location - 32 km from Kuching, on the main road to Serian

Jong’s Crocodile Farm
Jong’s Crocodile Farm is one of the largest croc-breeeding farm in the country. In this farm, you’ll get to see crocodiles that range in size from tiny babies to behemoth saltwater monsters.

Once you enter, you will be greeted by the skeletal head of "Bujang Senang",the notorious 19 footer killer croc of Sri Aman. The best time to visit would be during the feeding time - 11 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon. But be sure to inquire which pond the feeding will take place.

The farm is pretty big and keeps a collections of animals besides crocs. These include other wildlife such as Birds, Monkeys, Leopard Cats, Sunbears, Bearcats, Pheasants Civets, Sambar deer, Monitor Lizard, pythons & honbills

Most of the birds are kept in the aviary where you will have to pass in order to get to the crocodile ponds, They also have a pond where they kept these giant fishes called Arapaiman Gigas, which are native to the Amazon river.
Location - 29Km from Kuching along the Serian Road



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