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Around Kuching ~ Sights & Visits

Within easy reach from Kuching are other sights and places of interest to visit.

Other than the sights and places to visit in Kuching, within easy reach is the Semmengoh Orang Utan Sanctuary and Jung's Crocodile Farm, as well as the the rainforest national parks of Gunung Gading, Kubah and its Matang wildlife sanctuary.

On the North is the Sarawak Cultural Village which provide an introduction to the cultural traditions of all the main ethnic groups in Sarawak and Bao and the Bako National Park. On the on the south-western coast is the Talang Satang National Park also known as the Talang Satang Turtle Islands


Sarawak Cultural Village

Each tribal group in Sarawak is represented by craftsmen and women who produce handicrafts in authentically built traditional houses.

Situated only 35 km from Kuching, It should be on the sightseeing agenda of every visitor to Sarawak, if only to provide an introduction to the cultural traditions of all the main ethnic groups in Sarawak.

Bako National Park

Although very small, it has an exceptional variety of flora and guaranteed wildlife sighting. Its beaches and accessible trails make it a wonderful place to chill for a few days. There are few places in the world that can pack so much natural beauty into such a limited area, all just 37km from Kuching.

Talang Turtle Islands

Also known as Tulang Satang Turtle park comprises four islands on the south-western coast of Sarawak, was established to conserve the marine turtle population in Sarawak. Of the four islands, Pulau Satang Besar is open to visitors during the peak turtle-nesting season from April to September.

Kubah National Park

Located about 20 kilometres from Kuching it is one of Sarawak's most accessible national parks and consists largely of undisturbed natural forest and is home to a variety of wildlife.

Orang Utans & Crocodiles

Semmengoh Orang Utan Sanctuary
32 km from Kuching. this wildlife rehabilitation centre caters mainly for orang utans s, and provides a first hand view of thesae animals as adjust to their natural habitat.

Jong’s Crocodile Farm
29 km from Kuching, here you’ll get to see crocodiles that range in size from tiny babies to behemoth saltwater monsters. The farm is pretty big and keeps a collections of other animals besides crocs such as Birds, Monkeys, Leopard Cats, Sunbears, Bearcats, Pheasants Civets, Sambar deer, Monitor Lizard, pythons & hornbills

Gunung Gading National Park

120 km from Kuching on the N. West coast of Kuching, Gunung Gading National Park is a beautiful expanse of mountainous rainforest is known for its numerous rare plants especially the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia

Batang Ai National Park

The Park is located about 250 km from Kuching City. While the journey is long and not cheap, visiting the Park is best done as an organized package.
Travel by boat up the rivers that flow into the lake or trek on the jungle trails looking for the wildlife. Or stay at Iban longhouses and sample their traditional way of life


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