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Sarawak ~ Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park is a beautiful expanse of mountainous rainforest is known for its numerous rare plants especially the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia tuan-mudae (bunga pakma) At full bloom this giant flower streches nearly one meter in width.

The park consists of rugged mounted peaks- Gunung Gading (the highest point at 906 metres), Gunung Perigi, Gunung Sebuluh and Gunung Lundu. These mountains provide a scenic backdrop to the nearby beaches at Pandan and Siar.

The flowers can be found on specific vines like the Tetrastigma. The spores settle on the host plant and develop into a bud which then becomes a gigantic flower, brownish red in colour. It stays in full bloom for about a week only. The main pollinator for this flower is the carrion fly. Plank walks and jungle trails has been built close to where the Rafflesia are commonly found, and allows the visitors to tour the park without damaging the delicate ecosystem particularly the young Rafflesia budding all over the forest floor. If the plant is flowering deeper in the forest, the park staffs or trained freelance guides will take visitors to the site.

However, these unique plants bloom infrequently and have brief flowering period. Visitors are advised to check with the Park Headquarters at Gunung Gading National Park or the National Park Booking Office to find out if any flowers are about to bloom or already in full bloom. even if there is no blooming Rafflesia to see, swimming in the jungle streams, hiking the jungle trails, and visiting the beaches and Lundu make the visit just as worthwhile.

The waterfalls in the upper reaches of Sungai Lundu have become a popular recreational destination for both local and foreign visitors. The more adventurous visitors can take a hike right up to the peak of Mount Gading which is 900 meters high.

Getting There
The Park is located 120 km from Kuching. It is just 5 minutes drive from Lundu town, a pleasant little town in Southwest Sarawak or about 2 hour's drive from Kuching. Visitors can choose either day-trips or overnight stays when visiting the Park

There are two units of chalets; each contains 3 bedrooms and accommodate up to 6 people. One unit of Forest Hostel with 4 rooms with 16 beds each. As accommodation facilities in the park are limited, hotels in Lundu Pandan and Siar Beach Resort offer alternatives. Beaches at Siar and Pandan are scenic and provide swimming spots.



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