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Kota Kinabalu ~ Whitewater Rafting

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For those who are keen to taste the thrills of whitewater rafting, Sabah is the perfect destination. Its fast flowing rivers and turbulent rapids have attracted an increasing number of rafting enthusiasts.

Kiulu River is suitable for wholesome family fun and for beginners aged 5 years old to 65 years old that craves mild adventure whilst safely enjoy the rafting trip. We recommend advanced paddlers to go to Padas River, which offers a challenging and heart-stopping experience of this sport.

Kiulu Whitewater
Kiulu River is classified as Class I - II river, and is suitable for beginners aged 5 years old to 65 years old that craves for mild adventure and an assurance they will safely enjoy this white water rafting trip.

The river is located about 1 ˝ hours drive on the northwestern part of Sabah in a small town called Kiulu, which are recognized as being the second most beautiful village in Malaysia. Travelling northbound towards the lush valleys of Mount Kinabalu takes you pass the towns of Inanam and Menggatal.
As you approach the small town of Kiulu in Tamparuli District, selection is made by the river guide for a suitable starting point.

The trip begins with a safety briefing session conducted by a professional raft guide that will demonstrates rafting techniques and proper handling of rafting equipment before rafting commences. Excursion covers up to 15km, making it the longest white water rafting trip in Borneo. The journey will take about 1 ˝ - 2 hours of rafting before reaching the ending point where a buffet barbecue lunch will be prepared just by the riverbank. While having your lunch, enthrall yourself with the pristine breathtaking surroundings or get a quick sun tan before heading back to your respective hotels in the mid-afternoon

Bring along: Swimsuit, shoes with rubber soles, extra dry clothes and no valuables. Life jackets and helmets are provided.

Padas Whitewater
This exciting adrenalin' rushing tour will take you down to wave that goes as high as six feet and thrilling rapids up to grade IV. Whilst rushing down this wild and untamed part of the Padas River you will experience totally untouched nature.

A “full on” raft down the Padas River for the experienced or confident thrill seeker chasing an adrenaline kick! Padas water rafting is rated as grade 3 by international standard, and if it’s raining season.. it could get to grade 4.
Basically, this trip will give you two experiences advantages -
1) Excursion of Class III-IV river, 2) A uniquely ride in an antique train

The adrenaline rush excursion covers a distance of 9km of this rather muddy 200 km river that holds 7 exciting and tough rapids!
These rapid carries amusing names such as Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid will give you the feel of the motion as what the name means.
Thrills and spills through the rapids lasts about 1.5hrs, passing by some very scenic countryside and the Padas Gorge… that’s assuming you are able to tear yourself away from the rapids at hand.

You will begin your tour with a 2 hour drive to Beaufort railway station, where you will board on an old-style train at Beaufort that carried everything from passengers to chickens, vege, goods, etc, for your trip to Pangi Station. Here you will be joined by other adventure-seekers and given a safety briefing by a guide before boarding the raft. You will be taught body rafting and how to handle yourself if you fall into the river. Your white water rafting commences half an hour later with each boat was guided by at least an instructor and an assistant

The ultimate challenge will speak for itself as one shoots through and experiences the nerve tingling excitement which crescendos rapid after rapid while getting a closer look at the Borneo's amazing flora and fauna. The rafting covers some 9 km of the Padas river. When you reach the end point, you will be served with a sumptuous barbecue lunch by the river side. There, you are given about an hour stay for you to explore the scenic area before you are transferred back on board the train back to Beaufort railway station and then driven back to your hotel in the city.

Bring along your sun block lotion, change of cloth, towel and some cash for other purchases during the tour. Also located near Padas is the Weston Wetlands, which is a nature and eco river retreat







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