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Sipadan Dive Islands ~ Mataking Island

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Mataking Island is a honeymooners paradise located right on the Malaysian Philippine border. Mataking is a picture-perfect deserted island scenario with white-sand beaches that stretch the full length of the island, palm tress that house coconut crabs, and dive sites that will suite both macro and pelagic lovers alike.

The Island
Mataking is in fact two islands connected by a sandbar. The main island is three times the size of Sipadan and is privately owned. Apart from the resort and a small police station the islands are covered in natural jungle. From Mataking you can enjoy convenient, hassle-free and diverse macro-diving as well as the daytrips to Sipadan 80 minutes by speedboat.

Green and Hawksbill turtles frequently come up to lay their eggs in the sands. During the day, bask on the snow white sandy beach and take a romantic stroll over the sandbar to the smaller Mataking Kecil to explore the pristine jungle covered island. You can also explore this island and nearby area by sea kayak and later and relax in the big jacuzzi. Then there is the sight of Coconut Crabs scurrying up the coconut trees like spiders.

There is also a watch tower which gives you a commanding view of the northern part of the island and Mataking Kecil. Here is also where you can see how far the sandy delta extends out. Breath-taking!

Dives & Marine Life
Both islands are surrounded by a large, very long coral reef that slopes from knee deep to about 80m. Groupers and large trevallys, schools of barracudas and lots of spotted rays can be seen at the various dive sites around here.

Mataking lies in the Alice channel, which is a 100m deep channel that connects Mataking to the world famous Sipadan Island. Thus on the North side of Mataking divers are treated to vertical wall dives with some very strong (“washing machine”) currents! Here the water is usually crystal clear and due to the strong currents many large pelagics are attracted including grey reef sharks, hammerheads, manta rays, and eagle rays! If you're very lucky you may also see the awe-inspiring whale shark (the best time is between April-June).

On the south side of the island are dive sites such as the House Reef, The Shipwreck, and Sweetlips Avenue. These dive sites are a haven for macro life! Frog Fish, Octopus, Lion Fish, Stone Fish and Ribbon eels are seen on most dives! The ship wreck also attacks giant moray eels and stingrays!

The resort has daily three-tank dive boat trips to Mataking, Mataking Kecil, Pandanan and Bohayan, all between 5 and 20 minutes ride away. There are also twice weekly three-dive trips to Sipadan Island, 80 minutes away.

Mataking Reef Dive Resort provides the only accommodations on the island. Well away from the more crowded resorts on Mabul, with deluxe rooms and executive-style chalets, and an excellent spa with complimentary jacuzzi.

There are eight high quality King-size double and Queen-size twin executive chalets, raised on stilts on the beachfront or slightly set back from the beach. The chalet bathrooms and balconies all have seaviews. There are also 24 double or twin deluxe rooms with seaview terraces.

Getting There
From Kota Kinabalu (KK) is a 45 minute connecting flight directly to the small coastal town of Tawau. From Tawau you can continue your trip by car or bus to Semporna (90 minutes). The island is 40 minute by boat northeast of Semporna.


Mataking ~ Dive Sites
Popular Dive Sites: House Reef - North Point - Coral Garden - The House Reef - The Wreck







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