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Sabah ~ Kudat

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• Other Places • Mantanani Island • Pulau Tiga • Danum Valley • Pulau Layang Layang • Sipadan Dive Islands •

• The Rungus • The Longhouse • Gongs • Tip of Borneo • Kudat Golf & Marina Resort •

Kudat is located on the coast of the northernmost part of Sabah, some 190 kilometers north of Kota Kinabalu. Longhouses, coconut and palm trees are the most vivid impressions of this little town.

Though not a well known location for foreign visitors, it has several modern beach resorts and a golf course. Local attractions include tours to nearby Rungus longhouses, where traditional brass gongs are made, and where honey is produced and to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, the northernmost tip on the island of Borneo. Around Kudat you find the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches, wonderful sunsets and glorious mornings for long walks and bird spotting.

The Rungus
The Rungus, a sub-tribe of the Kadazan-dusun indigenous ethnic group, are found mainly on the Kudat and Bengkoka Peninsulas in the northern part of Sabah. Attap, or thatch-roofed, longhouses are evidence of communal life of traditional Rungus community- sharing and inter-depending lifestyle were essential for a hunting tribe. This lifestyle was mostly practiced by the Rungus in the olden day. Excellent photo-opportunities as many of the ladies still wear the traditional chest-to-calf black sarongs and other native ornaments. Cultural performance can be also arranged. on request. Best time for a day tour here would be on a Sunday, where a visit can also be made to Kota Belud Tamu (market).

The Longhouse
The longhouse is a simple but sturdy structure made easily of materials like palm leaves for roofing, bamboos for floors, barks for walls and timbers for supports held together by elaborate knots, which the people have been using for centuries to tie everything firmly in place.

The longhouse comprises of several small apartments each containing a raised sleeping area and a living space with a hearth used also for dining. A longhouse usually begins as a single apartment built by the father. When children grow and start their own families, they literally add similar apartments to their father's unit, thus creating an extension which eventually develops into a longhouse. Extended family are also allowed, with permission to join in and add on.

Gongs are the most prevalent of Sabah's idiophones and are found throughout Sabah. They are made of brass and bronze. Each gong has a name indicating its sound or rhythm it plays and it varies from village to village. Visitors can watch skilled craftsman make gongs at various stages at Kampung Sumangkap.

Tip of Borneo

The Northernmost Tip of Borneo located in northern Kudat, is also known as Tanjung Simpang Mengayau.
The tip is the meeting point of Sulu and South China Sea. The globe at the Tip - favourite monument among visitors

Kudat Golf & Marina Resort
Established in 1906, Kudat Golf Club is acknowledged to be the oldest registered golf club in Sabah. Once affiliated with St. Andrew’s of Scotland in the early days, it is located in the heart of Kudat town. The golf course is an 18 hole par-72 course, nestled between the clear waters of Marudu Bay. The Resort has an ethnic design feel with timber furnishing incorporating the natural surrounding to create the modern styled version of longhouse.







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