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Sabah ~ Danum Valley

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The Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the last remaining preserves of primary lowland rainforest in Asia.

Within its 438 square kilometers is to be found a rich diversity of animal and plant life. A sanctuary to over 110 mammals, including the rare Sumatran Rhino and ten primate species among which are the Orangutan and the Proboscis monkey. The valley is also home to over 275 bird species and numerous reptiles, amphibians, fishes, countless insects and other fascinating creatures.

As one of the premier research centre in South East Asia, it oversees research projects, controls forest enrichment planning sites, education, training and wilderness recreation and is a meeting place for naturalists from all over the world

Some of the Wildlife found here includes - Orangutan, Western tarsier, Flying lemur, Leopard cat, Yellow barking deer, Mousedeer, Sambar deer, Bearded pig, Malay civet, Long-tailed macaque, Slow loris, Clouded leopard, Giant flying squirrel, Lain pygmy squirrel, Malayan sun bear, Bateng, Smooth otter, Silvered langur, Proboscis monkey, Sumatran rhino, Asian elephant, Bay owl, Bill fletcher, Crested fireback pheasant, Great argus pheasant, Black-backed kingfisher, Lesser green leafbird, Bornean flycatcher, Blue-headed pitta, Crimson sunbird, Asian fairy bluebird, Grey-breasted spiderhunter, Spectacled bulbul, Buffy-fish owl, Helmeted & wreathed hornbill Bushy-crested & pied hornbill, Rhinoceros hornbill.

Danum's insect colony is mostly harmless and one should take time to find butterflies like the Chocolate Soldier' and look closely for the cleverly camouflaged Spiny Stick Insect.To spot nocturnal creatures like the leopard cat or clouded leopard, one must be prepared to forgo sleep and spend many hours waiting and watching patiently. For bird watching, sightings usually intensify during the fruiting seasons between July and August. 

Jungle Trails and Walkways
There are over 50km of cool hiking trails through dipterocarp forest and riverine habitats. Also available are many viewing platforms perched on high plateaus and observation decks attached to mighty tropical timbers that allows vistors panoramic views and closer access into the forest canopy. The 27 metre high L-shaped canopy walkway gives a wonderful bird's eye view of the forests and is a perfect vantage point for bird watching. Take particular note that for their own safety, no visitor is allowed to trek or jungle walk without being accompanied by a guide

Among the many nature activities provided for are Nature walks with knowledgeable guides, Jungle wildlife treks, Canopy walkway for bird watching, Visits to an ancient Kadazandusun burial site, Night safari dives in search of wildlife, Refreshing swims in rivers and waterfalls, Day trips to Danum Valley Field Centre, Slide presentations by naturalists, Guided tours to reforestation and research areas and others.

Getting There
Danum Valley is located 80km inland from Lahad Datu on Sabah's east coast. The journey takes approximately 2 hours with the first 15km being the main Lahad Datu-Tawau road. The rest of the ride is on an unsealed but well maintained private logging road. While it is possible to take your own transport, permits have to be obtained beforehand. It's better to use the pick-up services provided by the Borneo Rainforest Lodge.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is the only accommodation facility in Danum. Made from river stone and core logs, the chalets are designed along the lines of traditional Kadazandusun dwellings and linked together by walkways. The lodge is open 12 months a year. A three days, two night stay is recommended.

There is also a camp-bed facility (tented camp) 7km from the lodge where visitors can spend the night under the watchful protection of a field guide.







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