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Selangor ~ Shah Alam & Klang

Shah Alam

Shah Alam is only 25km from Kuala Lumpur. Travelling within Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya is easy as they are well-served by buses and taxis.

Agricultural Park (Taman Pertanian)
The Malaysia Agriculture Park is the only agro-forestry park in this part of the world. It was initiated by the Agriculture Ministry of Malaysia in 1986.
The park is designed in such a way that it gives visitors a total experience of its natural attributes, scientific facilities and agricultural presentations.

All these are set within a luscious tropical rain forest in a scenic 1,290-hectare site in Shah Alam, Selangor. Its planners have in mind an open-air 'university' for the dual purpose of recreation and education. Here's a place to learn all about trees by their names.

As one of Malaysia's most popular parks, it has permanent displays, live demonstrations, cultural exhibits, recreational facilities, accommodation, picnic areas, open-air amphitheatres, natural trails, public amenities and numerous educational opportunities. Other attractions here include two dams, a fishing lake, a Temperate House, a suspension bridge, a bird and a safari park. Bicycles are available for hire within the park. Chalets are available for overnight stays in the park.

Galeri Shah Alam
Situated by the lakeside, the Galeri Shah Alam exhibits art, local handicraft 
and fabrics for viewing and for sale.

Shah Alam Lake Gardens
Site of annual events such as the International Boat Show and the Selangor Orchid Exhibition, the Shah Alam Lake Gardens are a delightful system of man-made lakes that graces the town centre, surrounded by landscaped gardens. A floating seafood restaurant and the Wet World water-theme park are within this area, and picnic areas dot the well-kept parkland.

State Monument
Just before the State Secretariat is the serene and lovely State Monument with a sweeping arch, reflecting pools and gold inscriptions on gray Selangor granite. It is a favourite location for shutterbugs and tourists because of its Picturesque setting.

State Mosque
The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Frequently referred to as "The Blue Mosque", its minarets are the tallest in the world at 142.3 metres. Its graceful blue dome is one of the largest of its kind. Decorative Islamic calligraphy enhances the dome and main prayer-hall, while the overall architecture integrates, ethnic Malay design elements.

Sultan Shah Alam Museum
This blue-roofed state museum in traditional Selangor architecture offers an eye-opening look into the history, culture and heritage of Selangor.


Keris Monument
Travellers along the Federal Highway from Shah Alam to Klang will notice a towering silver-coloured Keris Semenanjung on the left, just before the Bukit Raja Industrial Estate. This is the memorial erected to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the Sultan of Selangor's installation in 1985. The Keris is a wavy-bladed Malay dagger used by warriors of old.

The Royal Gallery
The Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah royal gallery holds his majesties collection of priceless royal heirlooms, artifacts, and gifts from his subjects and 
foreign dignitaries.  

Pulau Ketam
Literally translated as "Crab Island", this rustic fishing village attracts visitors with its unique stilt-village where the wooden-board streets are just five-feet across and the traffic consists largely of pedestrians and bicycles.

Boat tours, home stays, fishing trips and bird watching outings are available, and the seafood here is the freshest possible!



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