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Pahang ~ Raub & Pekan

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Raub is situated 110km from K. Lumpur and 265km from Kuantan
The town is one of the older towns in Pahang was once a gold mining settlement. The old folk’s tale recounts that in the early 19th century, an old man and his two sons discovered gold every time they scooped up the earth in Raub, Thus Raub derived its name from the Malay word which means ‘scoop’. Being a gold mining town in the late 1800’s.

Raub is said to be built on a labyrinth of tunnels. It’s colonial past is still evident in the fine old buildings scattered around the town. Cameron Highlands is located in the Raub district and is only an hour away from the town. A lot of orchards are to be found here especially durian orchards in Sungai Kau. Raub is also the main supplier of bananas to the nation.

Jeram Besu Rapids
Jeram Besu or Besu Rapids is fast gaining popularity as one of the best white water-rafting and kayaking spot in the country. The rapids, (river grade 2 to 4 depending on the river water level) has now attracted a lot of white water enthusiasts i.e. rafters, kayakers and canoeists from all over the country even as far as Singapore. Complemented by its easy accessibility, it is both challenging and thrilling. 

Other activities such as jungle trekking, flying fox, war games and rubber rafting are also available. Accommodations comes in the form of
chalets, camping sites and hostels.
Located on Sungai Lipis at approximately 6 km before the town of Benta and about 2 1/2 hours drive from 

Lata Jeram (Jeram Waterfalls)
A popular picnic spot next to a series of rapids which culminate in a clear picturesque rock pool surrounded by tropical greenery. It has public amenities such as changing rooms and parking lots.
Location: 30km from Raub.


Located on the banks of the Pahang River 50 km south of Kuantan, Pekan is the royal town of the state, In fact when the British first came to Pahang with the appointment of John Pickersgill Rodger as the first British Resident in October 1888, the State’s administrative center was located at Pekan. But three years later, in 1891, the British colonizers moved the state’s administrative center from Pekan to Kuala Lipis.

From its rich political, social and cultural history, being situated at the mouth of the Pahang River, the royal town of Pekan has, in the areas in its vicinity, today blossomed into a very important industrial center, especially with the location and site of heavy industrial factories assembling motor vehicles there. The vehicles assembled range from the assembly of the locally manufactured Proton cars to foreign marques such as Mercedes Benz. Trucks, lorries, buses and even armored army vehicles are built there. Truly, Pekan is a growing "Detroit" of Malaysia.

The main town itself is relatively small, with a wet market, shops, banks, government offices, and utility companies

The Royal Palace
The ruler of Pahang, His Royal Highness the Sultan, resides at the magnificent palace in Pekan. A stopover to view this authentically fascinating Malay Palace is worth your trip to Pahang. If you happen to be there during the celebrations of the Ruler's official birthday on 24th of October, you would be able to witness the annual outburst of culture and tradition of this special town.

State Museum
The Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, which is the official name of the Pekan State Museum, is a good place to unravel the bygone days of Pahang. The Museum holds more than 10,000 archaeological, historical, ethnographic and natural history specimens and artifacts. Among the items displayed are priceless antiques including glassware and ceramics, as well as exhibits tracing the lineage of the state’s royalty.
The present brick and stone museum building was originally constructed in 1929 as the house for the then British Resident. The building replaced the original wooden bungalow constructed in 1888. During the Japanese war years of 1942-1945 it served as the headquarters for the Japanese Army in Pahang.
Location: Jalan Sultan Ahmad, Pekan

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village
Only 15 minutes away from Pekan is the Pulau Keladi Cultural Village. The cultural village primarily consists of the 'kampung' house where Tun Abdul Razak was born, the Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Hall, the Penghulu's (village chief) office and the Pahang Silk Weaving Centre. The houses are exact replicas of traditional Malay village houses, including one special one that is meant to house the village chief.
Facilities available in the cultural village include a recreational area by the river, a service counter, an exhibition and display centre, handicraft and souvenir stalls, Malaysian style food and refreshments, public restrooms and car park.

tar01.jpg (12523 bytes)The Tun Razak Memorial Hall
Dedicated to the second Prime Minister of Malaysia, this memorial hall houses some of the late Tun Abdul Razak's personal effects and memorabilia. Completed in 1994 the showcase depict aspects of the life of Tun Abdul Razak, an historic figure in the early days of the nation's development. The house where Tun Abdul Razak was born has been rebuilt on its original site and in the exact style of the day. The house displays the characteristic 3 section construction, comprising a threshold, the 'ibu rumah' (the house proper) and the kitchen.

Measuring 8.5 metres by 14.15 metres, it offers the visitor a life like experience of the atmosphere of a typical Malay village house at the turn of the century.





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