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Putrajaya ~ North Bridges

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There are eight bridges major bridges in Putrajaya an one pedestrian bridge – each with its own unique design, reflect the spirit of the city: Islamic, beautiful and modern. In the North there are 4 main bridges - The Putra Bridge, The Seri Bakti Bridge, Seri Perdana Bridge, Wawasan Bridge.

The majority of the bridges in Putrajaya form the gateway to the city centre of the Core Island which has become a night time popular attraction to Putrajaya. The bridges of Putrajaya represents human creativity and is a summary of the three main types of bridges built since ancient times – beam, arch, and suspension – and later variations such as cable-stayed, truss and cantilever.

Jambatan Putra (The Putra Bridge)
The Putra Bridge is arguably the jewel in the crown of Putrajaya bridges. With a span of 435 metres, it links the Government Precinct (Precinct 1) to the Mixed Development Precinct 2 on the Core Island. Architecturally, this three deck bridge is inspired by the design of the famous Khaju Bridge in Isfahan, Iran. Intricate geometric designs spread in columns cover large wall areas which are typical of Safavid design style. It has four minaret-type piers, complete with observation decks, overlooking the Putrajaya Lake. The upper level of the Bridge forms part of the Persiaran Perdana (Boulevard).

Jambatan Seri Bakti (The Seri Bakti Bridge)
The Seri Bakti is one of the main bridges spanning the protocol route. The bridge links the secondary road to the Deputy Prime Minister's Residence, connecting the Government (Precinct 1) in the north to Precinct 16 in the south. Also known as the “Bridge of Dignified Elegance”, it has nine spans and looks simplistic from afar. However, it has incorporated much creative
 elements to its design.

The concept design was developed from several shorter span, with a precast pretension "Super-T" beam slab deck with spans up to 35m. The total structure length is 270m. There are dual two lane carriageways, 2m median, walkway and cycle track. At the top of each pier is a minaret-like pavilion that boasts of an observation deck and a planter’s box. Articulated rails and lamp posts matching the architecture of the promenade adorn the entire stretch of the bridge.

Jambatan Seri Perdana
Part of the protocol route, the 370m long Jambatan Seri Perdana is built across Putrajaya Lake. Designed as if it belonged in the Arabian night, This bridge contains eight unique balconies and rest areas for visitors to enjoy the panoramic sights of the surrounding lake. The bridge is made up of 7 central spans of 75m and 2 end spans of 55m.

There are two separate carriageways over a two twin cell box girder. In the cross section, the overall width between extreme ends of two box girder is 23m. The foot path is flanked by railing and the roads median is lined by decorative street-lighting.

Wawasan Bridge
This cable style bridge is a signature bride in Putrajaya. inspired by the sails of a Bugis schooner, it is 240m long and 21m wide and has a single pan of 240 metres supported by stayed cables suspended from leaning concrete pylons. At the other end, equilibrium is accorded by a combination of cable
 backstays and structural steel tie-back.

Connecting Precinct 8 to the Mixed Development Precinct, the Seri Wawasan Bridge, meaning Bridge of Vision, accommodates a dual three-way carriageway and a pedestrian walkway. Its modern materials and dramatic sweeping curves make a bold statement that Putrajaya is a city with its vision focused on the future. It is a spectacular sight at night when it is all lighted up.





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