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Putrajaya ~ South Bridges

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  The Seri Bestari Bridge Seri Saujana Bridge The Seri Setia Bridge
Seri Gemilang Bridge The Pedestrian Bridge

There are eight bridges major bridges in Putrajaya an one pedestrian bridge each with its own unique design, reflect the spirit of the city: Islamic, beautiful and modern. The majority of the bridges in Putrajaya form the gateway to the city centre of the Core Island which has become a popular
night time attraction to Putrajaya.

The bridges of Putrajaya represents human creativity and is a summary of the three main types of bridges built since ancient times beam, arch, and suspension and later variations such as cable-stayed, truss and cantilever.

The Seri Bestari Bridge
It is a continuous structure where the piers are supported monolithically to the pile-caps. The main span is 60m long and two adjacent spans 35m each together with two 11.3m approaches make the total structure length of 152.6m. festooned with red bougainvillea at its sides, with railings that is in harmony with the promenade architecture. Due to its prime location, it is also part of the
 protocol route

Seri Saujana Bridge
An attention-grabber, it is strategically located at the main entrance into the Core Island from the south, linking the Core Island (Precinct 4) to Precinct 7.

A new concept of the cable stayed Arch bridge it consists of a single span of 300 metres. The bridge is supported by two steel parabolic arches that work in combination with two pylons to create a stable structure. There are dual three lane carriageways with deck level varying from RL 35.25m at abutment to
RL 35m at centre of the bridge.

The Seri Setia Bridge
The Seri Setia Bridge is tucked in the southeastern corner of Putrajaya, providing a vital link between Precinct 19 and the Commercial Precinct and
 the main route to the core island from the south-east. Made up of eight equal spans of 30 metres each, this artistic bridge exhibits lancet-arch designs on its railing that complements the fascia panels on its side.

Among the features of this bridge fare its precast fascia panels, planter boxes on the medians, railings with architectural features and illuminations with decorative lightings.

Jambatan Seri Gemilang
Categorised as a ceremonial bridge, it is located at the southern end of the Persiaran Perdana, it serves as the main entrance to the Core Island from the south for motorists and pedestrians. The bridge is made at a main span of 120m long and two spans 60m at each end making a total length of 240m. There are dual three lane carriageways with deck level varying from RL 34m at abutment to RL 36.75m at centre of the bridge. The balusters are fabricated from pre-cast stone and towers are topped with a crescent moon with a star. Lamp posts that are gracefully forked at its end punctuate the central divider along with those of other designs to break the monotony of the former.

The Pedestrian Bridge
Adding to this gallery of bridges is the Pedestrian Footbridge located at the permanent dam on the Southern part of the city.

This 135-metre pedestrian built by capitalising on the uniqueness of the labyrinth spillway is yet another landmark for Putrajaya. Located at Precinct 5 is located near the Seri Gemilang Bridge and the Putrajaya Convention Centre.
Reflecting on the natural environment, this 135m footbridge consists of a butterfly-like arch with curved deck. This double asymmetrical tubular arch bridge is specially designed for pedestrian and cyclist crossing the Putrajaya Lake to admire the scenic beauty of Putrajaya





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