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Perak ~ Belum Forest Reserve

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• Temenggor Lake / Dam •Banding Island • General Information •

Relatively untouched, it is one of the oldest rainforest in the world (120 million years old) with an area of more than 113,000 hectares it is located north and northwest of Tasik Temenggor in the northern region of Perak State and extends up to the border with Thailand. About 300 km (190 miles)
from Kuala Lumpur.

This remote area of Perak was once a 'hot-zone' during the conflict between the Malaysian security forces and the communist bandits. Known as the Bamboo Trail, it was part of an infiltration route for the communist terrorists into Malaysia with the trails passing through secondary forest, bamboo forest and lowland primary jungles.

Being out of bounds to visitors and virtually untouched by mankind, the area is bristling with fauna and flora, a rich national heritage that Reserve is of great interest to ecologists, conservationalists and nature enthusiasts. With the end of the conflict and the curfew in 1991, Belum is slowly exposing it's well kept secrets to the outside world. This last frontier of Malaysia beckons the adventurous to its everlasting charm.

Temenggor Lake / Dam
A huge expanse of water created by man in a region once characterised by hills and valleys. The dam and its reservoir straddles the East - West highway - which drowned over 150 sq km of forests, shrubs, grassland and agriculture plots
when constructed in 1978.

Also known as Temenggor Dam or Banding Lake This giant lake covering 15,200 hectares, is situated at the heart of Belum (Temengor Forest Reserve). Dead tree trunks standing solemnly in still, murky waters gives the dam a surreal quality. It is rich in many types of fish such as the 'Kelah’, 'Tenggalan’ and 'Baung’.

Banding Island
An ideal place for the fishing enthusiast who wants to get away from it all. This remote 103.6-hectare site delivers fish of generous proportions. The locality around the resort is landscaped with bougainvilleas and there are car-parking bays available. It is an ideal haven for total relaxation to unwind and rediscover the presence of a green sanctuary amidst tranquility.

Some of the activities here includes nature camping, bird watching, jungle trekking, mountain climbing and fishing. visitors can also visit the aborigine settlement. Additionally, there are boat rides and sightseeing services available around the lake.

A good vacation would be aboard houseboats built with unique tropical style accommodations. With large guest rooms which provide privacy for guest and a balcony located on the upper deck for a spectacular view of the lake, it features an open concept providing an airy atmosphere and the experience of living with nature - moving your "floating hotel suite" when you want to, where you want to.



When to go
Any time of the year, but best outside of the rainy months (November to March).

Getting There
Overland via Kuala Kangsar (TR 1) and Grik (TR 76), and then onto the 
east-west highway (TR 4) to Banding island (on Temenggor lake).

For forest treks south of the lake, seek permission at the police station or the District Forestry Office at Grik. Alternatively, arrange trips with local guides and permission will be arranged for you. Forest areas north of the lake are restricted areas and generally out of bounds.

Light clothing, and bring appropriate gear according to interest 
(fishing, camping, etc).

Resthouse (Banding) and hotel/motel accommodation (it is a good idea to book in advance, as places to stay are very limited). There are also simple accommodation/chalets on Banding and floating platforms out on the lake.

Forest camps for birding and wildlife spotting. Elephants bears, tiger, gibbons, deer have all been seen in the area. Rewarding birding on the lake and river inlets. One stunning feature of this region are the huge flocks of the Plain-pouched hornbill.

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