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Pahang ~ Gunung Tapis & Gua Cheras

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Other attractions on the way to Sungai Lembing is the beautiful nature park of Gunung Tapis and the reclining Buddha at Gua Charas (Charas Cave)

Gunung Tapis
Gunong Tapis is a hill some 35 kilometers inland from Sungai Lembing Town. A beautiful nature park with camping spots in the areas. Gunung Tapis offers a number of activities. You can shoot rapids on one of the several rivers, or do some great fishing especially for the delectable "Ikan Kelah" (tortambriodes duronesis). The park also noted for its hot springs and wildlife. If you plan to stay overnight, camping and survival equipment are recommended. Prior arrangements for a visit to the park can be made with the proper authorities.

Gunung Tapis Rainbow Falls
 There is logger’s trail that leads to the foot of the fall but passable to off road vehicles only and also during the dry season. The trip by 4X4 vehicle is 35 minutes. Here the falls drop vertically, and as it splashes down the water is broken up and reaches the bottom as mist. Between sunrise and 11.00 am, with the sun shinning, a rainbow is present. Check up the weather before you go in to avoid being stranded by the rising water!

Gua Charas
Charas Cave lies at the foot of the imposing 1,000m-high Panching Hill and is clearly visible from the road leading towards Sungei Lembing town. In the Malay language the word 'Gua' means cave. Formed millions of years ago and carved out by the forces of nature these caves offer an interesting sojourn.

Housed inside one of the caves is a statue of the reclining Buddha. You need to climb about 100 cemented steps to reach the lower cave. It is lighted up and houses a statue of sleeping Buddha. Notable sites were rock formations resembling the goddess Kwan Yin, an elephant, a combing princess, a royal tombstone, a fish and a nostril.

Some further steps upwards, are other caves networks with openings. The walls of the caves are greenish blue because of the moss. From an opening, you get to see a panoramic view of the plain and the town of Kuantan in the far distance.

The temple is open to visitors from 8.30am to 6pm daily
Location: About 25 km northwest of Kuantan at Panching on the Sungei Lembing road.
Take the road that leads to the entrance of the Chinese Temple. The road is 4 kilometers long and it goes in circle around the palm oil estate to circumvent the karst hills. Reaching the caves opening facing east.





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