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Pahang ~ Caves & Waterfalls

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The Kota Gelanggi Caves
A gazetted historical monument dotted with some 100 caves. Explore the 150 million year old historical and mythical cave complex and its unique fauna, flora and rock formations. The magnificent cave chambers are among the best in this region. There are 8 caves open to the public. Climb the hill steps to the lit-up Terang Bulan Cave. Once under the sea, the scalloped edges left by on the soft limestone can still be seen on the cave walls. Gar pools, stalagmites. stalactites. flowstones and curtain walls are all here. The Kota Gelanggi caves complex is of historical importance. Various archaeological digs, has revealed human remains dating 1500 years. The relics included pottery, hunting tools, weapons and ornamental pieces.

Kota Gelanggi is situated off the old Jerantut to Maran road No 64, about 25km east of Jerantut. From Temerloh go north to Jerantut, then turn right (east) until you come to Kota Gelanggi. Or from the main Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan road, there are 3 turn offs to Kota Gelanggi. One is at Kg. Awah, one at Jengka Jaya, or route 64 from Maran.

Gunung Senyum Caves
Those who love to explore caves must make it a point to visit the Gunung Senyum Caves. There are three limestone hills in this area, Gunung Senyum, Gunung Jebak Puyoh and Bukit Terus. There are many caves, some are archaeological sites. The area has been developed as a recreation park. Gunung Senyum is the most visited hill as it is the most easily accessible. Signboards list the caves and there are easy trails to explore the caves. Makam Tok Long is a burial cave.

It is common for visitors to visit Gunung Senyum first then head over to trek Gunung Jebak Puyuh. The Gunung Senyum Caves consists of at least 20 caves and the Jebak Puyuh cave system, located further away, contains seven caves. You can expect impressive formation and million-year-old fossils, an ancient tomb within the caves is of archaeological interest as well as s variety of cave dwelling insects and plants. Lucky visitors may even chance upon albino pythons that inhabit the cool, dark crevices of the cavern.
It is located about 40km from the town of Temerloh and is accessible by both road and river. It is well signposted from Temerloh. From the main Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan road (route 2), there are 2 or 3 turn offs all signposted to Hutan Lipur (Recreational Forest) Gunung Senyum . One is by the east end of the bridge at Temerloh, one at Kampung Awah. Follow the signs. 40km from Temerloh, 20 km from Bandar Pusat Jengka.

Sungai Pandan Waterfalls
Sungai Pandan Waterfalls is about 100 metres high and consist of a series of cascading rapids, culminating in a large pool, is a popular picnic and recreational location for Kuantan dwellers and surrounding areas.

Part of the Sungai Pandan Forest Reserve ("Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan"), the cascading waterfalls amidst verdant jungle surroundings make for an attractive getaway for city dwellers especially during weekends. The huge rocks and boulders could be slippery, though, so do take care. But the water-pools enclosed by the rocks are just deep enough to swim and bathe.

You can take a leisurely walk across the jungle trails and paved steps at the area and explore the flora. Further uphill to the top you will come across a small stream that is the source of the uninterrupted supply of waters for the waterfalls. Along the way there are a few rest-huts to stop and view the surroundings. The suspended bridge on top of the rocks and across the stream, offer a vantage point for the camera to take some great shots of the cascading waterfalls. Ideal for family picnics and a days outing and BBQ’s with friends and especially for children - the cool waters at the lower ends of the stream flow where the water level is low and ideal for small children.

Do Not - Climb the rocks to the waterfalls as they are steep and very slippery and therefore very dangerous.
Location - About 25 km from Kuantan
Getting there from Kuantan town, take the Kuantan – Kuala Lumpur main highway. Just after the Malaysian Air Force Base which is on the right of the road, you will need to make a right turn at the traffic lights to the Panching and Sungai Lembing road. After driving about 5km you will reach the signboard for the Sungai Pandan Forest Reserve ("Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan") and turning left you will initially drive into an oil palm plantation and quarry road. After about 3 km of winding through the small two-lane tarred road you’ll reach the entrance to the Waterfalls.

Chamang Waterfalls
Situated close to Bentong town and fed by cool waters the Chamang waterfalls, also known as 'lover's falls' is a series of cascades. The waterfall, with its huge volume of water gushing from the top, is a visual wonder, This waterfall has dangerous spots, with turbulence and whirlpools.

There is a small meandering stream at the bottom, away from the rush, that is perfect for a dip.
Chamang waterfall has facilities like a rest area, toilets and changing rooms nearby, making it a perfect area for a weekend retreat for those out of town.
Location: About 8 km from Bentong Town, inside Chamang Village and can be reached by travelling along the town's Jalan Loke Yew





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