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Pahang ~ Kuantan to Cherating

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Kuantan is the state capital and is the main gateway to the east coast. situated near Kuantan River mouth and facing the South China Sea and it is located roughly halfway from Singapore to Kota Bharu. Although not a large city, it has a personality quite unlike that of other cities in the country.

Kuantan is believed to have been established since the 1850s and in its early days it was known as Kampung Teruntum (Teruntum Village). It is situated around the mouth of Sungai Teruntum which is in front of the current hospital and has been established by Hj. Senik and his follower. Their primary economic activities is fishing and small businesses.

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, settlement of Chinese miners and traders saw the early establishment of the township in Kuantan and the opening of nearby tin mines such as in Gambang and Sungai Lembing. As happened to other states in the Peninsular, rubber plantations attracted Indian settlers as well. In and around this quaint town there are attractions.

Places of Interest

There are also 3 parks within the town. There are the Gelora Park, Teruntum Mini Zoo and Agriculture Park at Indera Mahkota. A small park located in front of the Hospital is named Esplande Park. Here it is possible to take a river cruise from the small jetty. Other tourist attractions include the State Mosque (Masjid Negeri) and the Teluk Cempedak beach. Kuantan is also known to tourists for its nearby waterfalls. The most established one is Sg. Pandan Water Fall. Two other waterfalls are Sg. Berkelah Water Fall and Jerangkang Waterfall.

State Mosque (Masjid Negeri)

Kuantan’s State Mosque or the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, with its impressive dome and its minarets are in a pastel shade of blue and green. It is a beautiful and the most prominent structure in the capital.

Teluk Cempedak Beach
This delightful beach is only 5 km from Kuantan. Teluk Cempedak is an excellent beach for sailing, surfing, jet-skiing and sunbathing. Souvenir and handicraft shops are all within walking distance. This place is packed during weekends with family, couples or tourist groups. The currents can be quite strong; hence caution should be taken if you decided to swim in the sea. It has claimed a few lives before.

Food is easily found here – some seafood restaurants, bistros and if you like fast food, McDonald is just around the corner to cure those hunger pangs. There is a row of pubs, karaoke bar and night clubs near the beach. Life at this juncture begins only at night.

Beyond the main beach, there are excluded bathing spots. Ardent sun-lovers can jungle-trek through the TC Forest Reserve into idyllic Pelindung beach. An alternative route will lead you to the Teruntum Park which has a mini zoo-children and adults alike will have fun and relaxation. Close by is the Royal Golf Club for golf enthusiasts. Two world-class hotels are located here.

Kuantan River Cruise
One of the best way to have a complete view of Kuantan is to take the Kuantan River Cruise. The Kuantan River Cruise would take you through the scenic landscape of a 500-year old mangrove forest reserve that spreads along the Kuantan River. I would strongly suggest you to take the cruise in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful lightings from shore. The cruise would depart from Jetty Shahbandar, at Jalan Besar.

The main shopping facilities in Kuantan include Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan Parade, Kuantan Plaza, Teruntum Complexs and Kuantan Square.
Kuantan and its surrounding areas is also a good place to check out how batik printing is done, and to buy some local souvenirs to bring home – ranging from trinkets to cloth to the state’s famous fish crackers (keropok). For Malaysians, some recommended buys are salted fish, dried / roasted cuttlefish, satay fish, anchovies, dried shrimps, dried mussels, scallops, prawn crackers etc. Salted fish is great for porridge & anchovies are great for soup.

The only 5-star hotel in Kuantan is Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort while the 4 star hotels include MS Garden Hotel, and the Mariana Beach Resort

From Kuantan to Cherating

From Kuantan if you travel north along the coastal road you will come across these noteworthy places

About 10 km from Kuantan is Beserah, A fishing village town that is well known for its seafood and grill fish restaurant. here the catch is taken to the processing areas where it is turned into the area’s most famous product - salted fish.
There is also a batik factory and many cottage industries, producing items from seashells as well as snacks like the popular keropok lekor.

Going further up bout 15 kilometers north of Kuantan city is Balok. Here you expect of an idyllic seaside setting with a white sandy beach the blue sea on one side and swaying trees on the other. The sea is generally quite shallow but the area is great for windsurfing.

There are several resorts on the 15km beach, and some are windsurfing friendly while others are not. Most of the activities revolve around the hotels located at the beach. Stay at one of the international-standard hotels or resorts here, or just drive up for a day trip of sea, sun and surf!

Beaches in Kuantan have a flag post erected. At normal times, the red flag will be at half mast. This indicates that the beach is safe for swimmers. On the other hand, if you spot a fully raised red flag flying, you better refrain from the beach. The tides & waves will be high & dangerous for any beach activities. The period from end of November to January is the monsoon season for East Coast of Malaysia.

Situated 47 km from Kuantan is Cherating, with It's nique with its rustic atmosphere and warm hospitality of the village people. It is one of the most popular hangout place for beach-combers. There are many small private own chalet and a few major hotels. The first club in South East Asia of Club Med is located in Cherating at the South China Sea. And because it's the first, they got the best spot, although the whole region has fine sandy beach.

After Club Med came the other resorts. like: the Legend, the Impiana Hotel, Holiday Villa and the Residence Inn. All of them are beautiful hotels/resorts. It's a mixture between traditional and modern resorts. It has budget shacks by the sea, a handful of bars, some good restaurants and windsurfer breezes.

Along the beach of Cherating you can't miss the abundance of mini markets, evening food stalls and a few self-styled "art galleries" offering opportunity for tourists to learn about local handicrafts. Among the more popular handicrafts that are found in Cherating is the batik printing, and Pandanus leaves weaving just to name a few. A hands on experience is always welcome from the village folks that will be more than happy to impart their knowledge to you and also allow you to purchase your self-made product.

Chendor Beach
About 10 km away from Cherating is the famous Chendor Beach. Here, from early July to September, you can watch green turtles or occasionally giant leatherback turtles lumber ashore to lay eggs. It is a ritual well worth experiencing. Besides the turtles, Chendor Beach offers fine bathing spots. The beach is attractive since it is not very crowded as other beaches,

The Cherating Turtle Sanctuary and Information Center was built in 1997 and opened to the public in June 1998, is set up to provide protection, nesting and breeding of turtles, and also provides information and educational activities on turtles. It is situated on 0.33 hectares of land at Cherating beach.





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