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Pahang ~ Bukit Tinggi

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Bukit Tinggi Resort recently was renamed Berjaya Hills but many still prefer to use the old name. The Resort is themed to capture the different cultures of the world in a single unique destination.

Situated 800 m to 1,000 m above sea level, this resort will be an ideal destination for the entire family as the facilities here cater to
people of all ages.

Located near Genting Highlands, it is about 10km off the East-West Karak Highway, the resort covers 16,000 acres of rugged hills and mountains crowned with lush tropical rainforests. This refreshing and cool resort offers the Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed resort with activities such as outdoor dining and street performances. Equally impressive is the Japanese Village with attractions such as the tea house, the botanical gardens and spa.

Colmar Tropicale
One of the place you will not miss is the colourful Colmar Tropicale that remind us of the European fairy tale stories with tall building, clock and castle-like structure. You will see a cobblestone courtyard where street performances and outdoor dining are held here. Notice the cuckoo clock tower and go up the viewing tower in the vicinity.

Japanese Village
As you move to the nearby Japanese Village which is set at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, you will notice a beautiful landscape and well maintained garden with an invigorating surrounding. The village also offers a Japanese Restaurant that serves Japanese cuisine. There is also the Japanese Tea house which offers you a traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience.

While you are here, try feeding the Japanese Carp or popularly known as "Koi" in the streams and pools nearby. If you need to refresh you body, take a hot bath at the Tatami Spa. Finally, there is a Japanese souvenir shop that offers various souvenir for you to bring back as a remembrance of your trip here.

For golf enthusiasts, the Berjaya Hills Golf and Country Club offers an 18-hole picturesque golf course.

Children of all ages will enjoy going to Rabbit Park where over 200 rabbits are kept here for you to cuddle, feed and play. Then there is the donkey rides that will take you back to the early days in the Middle East where donkeys were the main transportation used. If you have the time, go to Deer Sanctuary and you will see many spotted and Timorensis deers which originates from Holland and Sulawesi, Indonesia. Horse riding and archery are other activities that one can do to complete your trip to Bukit Tinggi Resort.

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