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Flag of the State of Perak

Perak  The Silver State

Crest of the State of Perak
Travelling through Perak is a journey that will take you through small towns whose characters have not changed since their mining days. It is a state of ageless architectural splendours, island resorts that offer sun, sea and sand, virgin tropical jungles, beautiful holiday hideaways, natural recreation parks and a host of specialised museums. Pulau Pangkor is a small offshore island that provides some tourist activities such as snorkelling.

Perak means "silver" in the Malay language. The name comes most probably from the silvery colour of tin. In the 1890s, Perak, with the richest alluvial deposits of tin in the world was one of the jewels in the crown of the British Empire. Kuala Kangsar is the royal town of Perak, while Ipoh is the administrative centre and state capital.

Ipoh features many old buildings and structures such as the Ipoh Railway Station. In the South is the site of a unique cottage industry producing Perak's well known earthernware, Labu Sayong. Taiping, in the north, is home to the country's oldest museum, the oldest zoo (Taiping Zoo) and the cool hill resort of Maxwell Hill (Bukit Larut). There is also Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Caves), near Gopeng. Other points of interest is Kellie's Castle in Batu Gajah, and lovers of history can visit the historical sites of Pasir Salak, further west of Batu Gajah. Pangkor Island has its lovely beaches and bird lovers should head north for the fascinating Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary where over 100 species of birds can be sighted.

Traditional Handicrafts such as labu sayong (earthenware), tekat benang emas (gold embroidery), bamboo carvings, and seashell designs is predominately found in Kuala Kangsar. Other popular centers are Enggor, Kampung Berala, Kampung Padang, Changkat and Kampung Kepala Bendang.


Full State Name - Perak Darul Ridzuan (Abode of Grace)
Weather - A year-round equatorial climate which is warm and sunny, along with plentiful rainfall, especially during the southwest monsoon from April to September. The climate is very much dictated by the surrounding sea and the wind system
Population - 2.2 million
Capital city - Ipoh
People - 44% Malay / 42% Chinese / 12.5% Indians / 1.5% Others
Head of State - Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah
Major products/industries - Tin Mining, and rubber has been on a decline. Emphasis is on Oil Palm and fruit produce and growth in manufacturing.
Districts - Kinta / Larut, Matang & Selama / Hilir Perak / Manjung / Batang Padang / Kerian / Kuala Kangsar / Hulu Perak / Perak Tengah


History & Sites

Brief History of Perak State
Historical Sites - Pasir Salak / Pasir Salak Historical Complex


Introduction to Ipoh
Cuisine / Where to Eat / Getting There

Ipoh ~ Sights & Visits
Sam Poh Tong Temple / The Mekprasit Buddist Temple / Perak Tong Temple / Darul Ridzuan Museum / F.M.S Bar & Restaurant / Ipoh Railway Station / D R Seenivasagam Park / Kallumalai Arul Migu Subramaniam Temple / Ipoh Railway Station /Japanese Garden /Geological Museum of Ipoh

Ipoh City Area Map


Taiping Lake Gardens / Taiping Zoo / Historical Buildings of Taiping / A historical walkabout Tour

Pangkor Island

An idyllic island getaway, a popular island resort which offers fine beaches with a wide range of sun and sea activities
An Introduction  / Places & Sights / Getting There

Beaches of Pangkor
Pasir Bogak / Teluk Nipah / Coral Bay / Teluk Belanga / Emeraid Bay / Pantai Teluk Dalam / Accommodations / Getting Around

Pangkor Island Area Map

Theme Park Resorts

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
Orang Utan Island / The Eco park /
Chairlift & Skycycle

Lost World of Tambun
Waterfall Beach Garden / Tambun Hot Springs / Tiger Valley / Rides & Thrills


Maxwell Hill / Bukit Larut

One of the oldest hill resorts, it has remained pretty much as years ago and is not nearly as developed as other popular hill resorts, it provides total isolation from the world below.

Kuala Kangsar

Intro / Perak River Safari / Suka Suka Lake Resort / Oldest Rubber Tree / Handicrafts / Food / Getting There

Kuala Kangsar ~ Sightseeing
The Royal Museum of Perak / Istana Iskandariah / Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery / Ubudiah Mosque / Malay College / Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Bridge / Pavilion Square Tower

Gua Tempurung

A system of caves honeycombed inside the limestone hills, with stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb geological wonders found only in this part of the world.

Tambun & Kuala Gula

Tambun Caves
The caves bear 2,000-year-old paintings dating back to the Neolithic era depicting the life of early inhabitants of the peninsula

Kuala Gula Bird Santuary
Kuala Gula is home to many migratory and Malaysian birds, approximately 166 species that can be found in this protected sanctuary.

Belum Forest

One of the oldest rainforest in the world (120 million years old) with an area of more than 113,000 hectares it is located north and northwest of Tasik (Lake) Temenggor / Dam - Banding Island

Other Places

Teluk Intan's Leaning Clock Tower
Little known ouside of Malaysia, it is the second largest tower so inclined after the well known leaning tower of Pisa

Kellie’s Castle
The only castle built in Peninsula Malaysia, built by a Scottish planter and left unfinished, it has a a touch of mystery

Lata Kinjang Waterfalls
One of the best known falls in and tallest falls of Malaysia

Perak Map

View Map with zoom view of Perak State
Ipoh Map - Pangkor Island Map

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