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Pahang  The Land of Prosperity

Pahang, the largest state in peninsular Malaysia, has vast stretches of primeval rainforest that dominate the state that offers exotic flora and fauna and wildlife. It holds invigorating hill resorts, waterfalls, and rustic fishing villages to palm fringed beaches. 

Lying in the heart of Pahang is Taman Negara, Malaysia's oldest national park. Also within the park is also the peninsula's highest mountain, Gunung Tahan. In the interior are many of Malaysia's famous highland resorts such as Cameron Highlands, Fraser's Hill and Genting Highlands, which offers cool respite from the tropical heat.

On the coast of Pahang, the jungle gives way to clean, palm-lined beaches, fishing villages, and spectacular Tioman Island.

The state capital is Kuantan, and the royal town of Pekan lies about 45 KM south.

Archaeological finds showed that the first human settlement in Pahang was probably at the Tembiling River. Ancient Chinese records referred to Pahang as a vassal of the Buddhist Sumatra-based Sri Vijaya empire from the 7th to the 13th centuries. During the 15th to the 19th century, it was a vassal state of the Melaka Empire and later of the Johor Riau Empire.

When the latter collapsed, Bendahara Wan Ahmad of Pahang proclaimed himself Sultan in 1882. In 1888, however, British imperialism manifested itself in Pahang with an appointment of a British Resident. In 1896, it became part of the Federated Malay States until the Japanese invasion. After the war, it joined the Malayan Union and later the Federation of Malaya which subsequently became independent
Malaysia in 1957

Getting There
By road, Kuantan is only 260 km from Kuala Lumpur, and is 325 km from Johor Bahru. Malaysian Airlines has daily flights between KLIA and Kuantan.
By Train, Pahang is only accessible through Mentakab and Kuala Lipis from Kuala Lumpur and Kota Bahru. Buses and outstation taxis have regular services between towns in neighbouring states

Full Name - Pahang Darul Makmur ("Abode of Tranquility").
Weather - Climate is tropical monsoon. The temperature is relatively uniform within the range of 21C to 32C throughout the year. During the months of January to April, the weather is generally dry and warm. Humidity is consistently high on the lowlands ranging between 82% to 86% per annum. The average rainfall per year is 2,032 mm to 2,540 mm and the wettest months are from May to December.
Population - 1.6 million
Capital city - Kuantan
Royal Capital - Pekan
People - 95% Malays, 3% Thai, 1.9% Chinese and 0.1% Others
The ethnic composition is roughly - 1,000,000 Malay + Bumiputra, 233,000 Chinese, 68,500 Indians, 13,700 others, and 68,000 non-citizens.
Sultan - Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah
Major products/industries - Rich in agricultural and natural resources - Palm oil, rubber and cocoa Timber, Fishery, as well as Petrochemical products and tourism


Highland Retreats

Pahang has some of Malaysia well known hill resorts. These popular highlands retreats offer cool getaway spots.
Cameron Highlands / Fraser Hill /
Genting Highlands / Bukit Tinggi

Kuantan to Cherating

State capital and is the main gateway to the east coast.
Kuantan - State Mosque - Teluk Cempedak Beach - Kuantan River Cruise - Shopping

From Kuantan to Cherating
Beserah - Balok - Cherating - Chendor Beach


Raub & Pekan

Bukit Telaga Waterfalls - Jeram Besu Rapids - Lata Jeram (Jeram Waterfalls) - Lata Lembik Waterfalls (Lembik Waterfalls)

The Royal Palace - State Museum - Pulau Keladi Cultural Village - The Tun Razak Memorial Hall


Sungai Lembing

This sleepy little town is a place of peace and tranquillity, especially if one can take a little time to enjoy the surrounding countryside. There sre interesting sights, activities and places to visit.
The Sungai Lembing Museum - Lao Zi Temple

Gunung Tapis & Gua Charas


Caves & Waterfalls

The Kota Gelanggi Caves - Gunung Senyum Caves - Sungai Pandan Waterfalls - Chamang Waterfalls

Other Places

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary - Jenderak Seladang & Sambar Deer Sanctuary - Tekam Plantation Resort

Pulau Tioman

Soft white sand, swaying palms and cool waterfalls. It offers visitors many fun filled water sports.

Diving in Tioman
With extensive coral reefs teeming with a wide variety of tropical fish large and small, Tioman also has over a dozen wrecks offering something for every level of divers.

Pahang Map

View Map with zoom view of Pahang State
Kuantan Town - Tioman Island - Taman Negara - Tasik Bera

Tasik Cini

This remote lake is located in the middle of Pahang state. A great place for total isolation and activities like jungle trekking and fishing.

Legends - Activities - Fish farm - Orang Asli Settlement - Staying - Getting There


Tasek Bera

Located in southwest Pahang, it remains both a unique and remote wetland wilderness, which supports a diversity of animal and plant life, and sustains the livelihood of the 'Semelai' branch of the Orang Asli people inhabiting the wetlands.

Seasons - Wildlife - Fishes - Activities - The Semalai Homestay - Accommodation - Getting There

Taman Negara

Older than the Congo or the Amazon, it is the premier park in Peninsula Malaysia. Lush vegetation, limestone caves, raging rivers, Falls, and diverse flora & fauna.

 River rafting, Fishing, Jungle trekking, Camping etc


Kenong Rimba Park

Situated in natural surroundings with cascading waterfalls, mountain streams and a variety of flora and fauna - it offers great adventure

Kenong Rimba Map


Endau - Rompin

Being over one million years old it has hectares of virgin jungles with some of the most exotic species of tropical plants and animal life and is one of the last remaining lowland forests in Malaysia

Kuala Rompin
Dubbed as Bandar Udang Galah or Giant Prawn Town, - is a haven for king prawn fishing and adventure activities. Kuala Rompin is within the triangle of some of the most fascinating attractions in the State


Kuala Lipis

Kuala Lipis is one of the earliest settlements in Pahang

Istana Hinggap - Lipis District Administrative Building - The Pahang Club House - Clifford School - Empang Jaleh - The Government Rest House & Museum - Gunung Merapoh

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