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N. Sembilan ~ Nature Retreats

Seremban History & Culture  Historical Sites & Museums  Nature Retreats  
Port Dickson N. Sembilan Map

Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest  Talang Dam Pasir Panjang Recreational Forests Jeram Toi
Lenggang Recreational Forest Gunung Tampin Batu Maloi Cave Gallah Forest Reserve
Jempol Serting Ulu Recreational Forest

Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest
You will find this recreational forest on top of Angsana Hill (Bukit Angsana), covered with tropical rain forest which is one of the oldest forest in the world, about 130 million years old! If you are in for a cool dip, there are water falls and a man-made lake.

Playground, parking space and shops are available here and is a favourite place for picnickers especially during the weekends. For the adventurous, one could do jungle trekking to Gunung Angsi where you can get good views of Seremban and the Straits of Melaka below . The trek takes about two hours. Or alternatively, you can take the shorter trails around the park that branches out from the park headquarters where dipterocarp canopy above shelters the path. Sungai Batang Terachi (Batang Terachi River) runs through the area and is an excellent spot for swimming and picnicking. Bring mosquito repellent! This recreational forest is also a habitat for mousedeers, wild boar and monkeys. There are chalets for rent at the Ulu Bendol Park for only RM30 per night. These A-shaped chalets are basic so bring along your
own bedding and basic accessories.
Opening hours: 7.00am - 7.00pm
Location: Along the Seremban-Kuala Pilah road at km 18

Talang Dam
With small green islands dotted around the the vast waters of the lake bordered by lush greenery of the tropical rainforest against the landscape of hills and mountains standing tall amidst blue skies, it is a beautiful place. The 90 acre lake has amenities like jetty boats, kayaks, fishing and camping grounds as well as comfortable wooden cabins to stay over.
Location: 40 minutes drive from Seremban through Bukit Putus. After the 
Terachi Police Station, take a left at the Kg. Talang junction.

Pasir Panjang Recreational Forests
It was opened to the public in 1985. and is also one of the favourite spots for bird watchers. It is along the coastal area with a panoramic view, rest house facilities are found in this recreational forest.
Location: 28km south of Port Dickson.

Jeram Toi
Jeram Toi is another recreational forest, known for it's 30 ft beautiful cascading water fall. Jeram Toi is a popular picnic spot among the locals. One can reach Jeram Toi by taking a 45 mins. bus ride from the Seremban Bus Station at Terminal One
Location: km-28 along the Seremban - Kuala Klawang trunk road.

Lenggang Recreational Forest
In 1984, Lenggeng Recreational Forest was opened and it has a 20 ft water fall. The surrounding is very breathtaking, full of greenery. Entrance is free.
Location: 16km away from Seremban Town

Gunung Tampin
The road leading towards the peak of Gunung Tampin is tarred for visitors conveniences. It is a favourite spot for recreational activities and jungle expedition.
Location: 2 miles away from Tampin town

Batu Maloi Cave
Trekking through the Mount Tampin (Gunung Tampin) Forest Reserve, this lush rainforest is home to Batu Maloi Cave. The Cave formed beneath the masses of large rocks is one kilometer in length. A clear stream lazily makes its way around the stones and boulders that make up the cave floor. 

The narrow and winding passage into the cave can prove to be quite perilous, especially in the dark. It is advisable that you explore the cave in groups of at least three with a experienced guide. Be prepared for any danger as a sudden rainfall could result in the water level rising very fast - quite a scary scenario for the inexperienced. On the way to the cave, you will pass a stream, of which a Watergate controls the water level. The smooth flowing stream with its sandy floor is great for a cool dip.
Location: 35 km from Kuala Pilah

Gallah Forest Reserve
This tropical forest offers a few outdoor facilities here such as jungle trekking, picnicking, camping, playground and resting huts. Entrance is free. 
Location: 7km west from Seremban town en route the old Seremban - Kuala Lumpur road.

Jempol Serting Ulu Recreational Forest
Negeri Sembilan is popular for its' recreational parks. Serting Ulu Recreational Forest is one of them. There's a water fall and a few rapids. Facilities such as parking area, suspension bridge, food stalls, lavatory and rest huts are available.
Location: 3 miles from Jalan Batu Kikir - Simpang Pertang





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