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N. Sembilan ~ Port Dickson

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Port Dickson, or more popularly known as, P.D, is also one of the major attractions in Negeri Sembilan with its beautiful and sandy beaches, and spectacular sunsets by the seaside of Straits of Malacca.
PD's Spectacular Sunset
Originally a town called Arang, where the villagers made their living from burning wood in kilns. Arang means 'charcoal', it was later sought to be developed as a port by Sir Frederick Dickson who 'founded' PD, in the 1889. As a leading official in the Straits Settlement during the 1880s, he sought o reduce transportation costs and time from the interior tin mines. It was a highly potential area to be a harbour, which later on developed into a busy trading centre. Railways were built for easier transportation. However, Port Dickson was never as successful as the other deepwater ports.

While it never did develop into a full-fledged port, PD's popular beaches attract thousands of weekend visitors from the cities.

With frequent buses, commuter trains, and taxis plying between Kuala Lumpur and the resort, Port Dickson's appeal lies in its easy accessibility and the attractions of a beach getaway.

To catch a glimpse of the locals at 'work', a night market comes alive every Saturday at an open carpark next to the Petronas Petrol station on 4th mile. Lots of snacks, food and produce to buy for the weekend stay-over.

Aside from the beautiful beaches, other attractions in the Port Dickson district include Cape Rachadu and Tanjung Tuan, Eagle Ranch recreation resort, the Armed Forces Museum and several historical sites such as the Lukut Fort and Pengkalan Kempas Historical Site.

Accommodations & Food
Accommodation should pose no problem for the visitor as this resort town has a place to stay for all. Accommodation can be found in the form of government chalets, hotels, and bungalows or even privately owned apartments that are rented out at reasonable rates. Food stalls can also be easily found along the beaches, as well as the town centre. Being a seaside resort, PD's specialty would naturally be seafood.

Blue LagoonBeaches
PD's main attraction is its 18km stretch of sandy beaches that extend from Tanjung Gemuk in the north to Tanjung Tuan in the south. These are carefully protected by rows upon rows of casuarina palms, coconut trees, and elegant Bayan trees.
Some of the popular stretches are: 8th mile, 6th mile, 4th mile and further up the 12th mile Jalan Pantai (Beach Road), there's a lagoon nearby Tanjung Tuan with casuarinas trees which makes Teluk Kemang, and Blue Lagoon popular spots. Blue Lagoon is the most famous picnic spot and is an excellent spot for the water sport enthusiast.

The Lighthouse at Cape RachadoTanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado)
The Rachado Lighthouse sits on a hill overlooking the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. It is the oldest light house in the country. The lighthouse was originally built by the Portuguese in 1528 to guide ships to the safety of Melaka's harbour during her hey day. It has been remodelled over the years to its current look.

Many historical events are said to be taken place in the seas around Tanjung Tuan, including the fierce battle between the Portuguese and Dutch armadas in the 16th century which resulted in the sinking of four warships including the Nassau - a famous Dutch vessel. Some artefacts from the Nassau has been successfully excavated from the sea and are on display in the Lukut Museum.

It is also said that there is a spot here where the legendary 15th Century Malay warrior of the Melaka Sultanate, Hang Tuah, was supposed to have set foot. It is also believed that Parameswara, the first Sultan of Melaka was buried in this area.

Apart from its historical significance, Tanjung Tuan also boast a diverse flora and fauna including 54 species of bird in its forest reserve. It is also a strategic location for bird watchers to observe migratory birds. Flocks of migrating sparrows, honey buzzards, swifts, hawks, and eagles stop over here annually.

To access the lighthouse, you need to enter the entrance of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve. From there, a steep road takes you up. A warning sign outside prohibits vehicles from entering, but many who do not want to take a long walk will drive their bikes or cars in. At the top, the lighthouse sits on a small hill where you need to climb another 72 steps to reach it.
Once there, walking to the front of the lighthouse will enable you to catch a panoramic view of the Malaccan Straits and the clear blue seas below. Over here, the wind is breezy and the sight of ships sailing in the wide sea is breath-taking. On clear days, you can even catch a glimpse of Sumatra’s outline in the horizon. Also look down at the shore from the top and you can see some corals in the waters.
Location: 16km fm P. Dickson at the border of Melaka State

Eagle Ranch
A little place several miles out of PD town called the Eagle Ranch riding centre, has a small riding stable of 10 horses and is open to public. Apart from horse riding, Eagle Ranch has now expanded into Eagle Ranch Resort formerly known as Eco-Goodlife Resort. The area sits on 8.1hectares of old rubber estate plantation. Extra curricular activities now include canoeing, kayaking, trekking, go-karting, and archery. The resort has also reserved a portion of their estate for an orchard where guests can savour a variety of fruits like durian, mangosteen and rambutan during the fruiting season. Guests can also opt to stay at the resort where a choice of accommodation from log cabins, water chalets, dormitories, camping to even Teepees.

Ferret Amoured VehicleMilitary Museum (Armed Forces)
the museum houses a wide range of former combat vehicles, artillery and planes. The museum is on an elevated land, and a fountain cum monument for fallen soldiers in battle sits in the middle.

Around the monument are rows of decommissioned artillery, trains, military and armored vehicles. There is also a fighter jet plane, a transport plane and a helicopter parked at the sides. You will find the galleries on Malaysian Armed Forces. The highlight is a subway tunnel that runs below the building and exits near the cargo plane at the side of the museum grounds. This tunnel is a realistic simulacrum of tunnels used by communists during the 'Emergency' period. At the sides of the tunnel are glass cases displaying weapons and military equipment as well as dioramas of soldiers engaged in meetings, medical treatment and sleep.
The Armed Forces Museum is located 8 km away from Port Dickson town.


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