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Melaka ~ Other Places

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• Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum • Hang Tuah’s Well • Melaka’s Traditional House • Jasin Museum •Alor Gajah Museum • Tun Teja's Mousoleum • Gadek Hot Springs • British Graveyard • Cape Rachado • Dutch Fort • Auyin Hill Resort • A’ Famosa Water World •

Hang Tuah’s Mausoleum
This warrior who became a fully decorated Admiral of Melaka’s naval forces defended Melaka against attacks from Siamese and Achenese fleets. This legendary warriors bravery and loyalty was acknowledged when he single-handedly killed his own friend whom had run amok against the Sultan. He was the youngest ever to be conferred a Knighthood by the Sultan. Various myths and stories attest to the legend of Hang Tuah.

Hang Tuah’s Well
A place where the legendary warrior Hang Tuah spent his childhood among four of his good friends who would later all become famous warriors of Melaka. The well is said to be the abode of his soul that is said to take the apparition of a white crocodile.
Location: Kampung Duyong, 14 km fm Melaka Town

Melaka’s Traditional House
Architecturally a signature to Melaka’s 19th century artistic style. Built by a Chieftain, intricate woodcarvings for the facade as well as the interior sections of the house.
Location: 5 km SW of Marilimau Town

Jasin Museum
Displays that uncover some of the stories and myths of a bygone era Such as an account of a love story at the time of the last Sultan and his infatuation with the legendary princess
of Gunung Ledang.
Location: Jasin Town.

Alor Gajah Museum

The exhibits here depicts the Naning Wars that was waged between the local Malay chief Dol Said and the British.
Location: Alor Gajah Town

Tun Teja's Mousoleum
The daughter of Sri Amar DiRaja Pahang, whom was convinced by Hang Tuah to marry Sultan Mahmud Shah. She died a queen at Merilimau. about 24km from Melaka Town, while retreating with members of the Melaka's royal family from the Portuguese attack in 1511.

Gadek Hot Springs
Popular spa for those seeking therapeutic cure for skin diseases. Handicraft shops and playgrounds are also available. Ideal spot for family outings.

British Graveyard
Marks the graves of the British soldiers killed during the Naning War in their fight against Dol Said.

Cape Rachado
Important lowland marking to migrating birds set in a serene wetland forest punctuated by a blue lagoon and a beautiful beach. Nice spot for bird watching.

Dutch Fort
Used as an outpost to enforce the monopoly of tax collection, it was manned by a small garrison of Dutch officers. It was later abandoned when the mining in Naning ceased its operation.

Auyin Hill Resort
Sited on a hill and constructed based on the philosophy “Feng Shui”, the resort has every element placed relative to the principle of celestial and terrestrial positioning accuracy to enhance its charm, “chi” (power), and prosperity.
Location: On the road leading to Durian Tunggal

A’ Famosa Water World
An international standard water theme park that has fun and excitement for everyone.





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