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Melaka  Where it All Began

Melaka, with its glorious past, is undoubtedly the wealthiest when it comes to history. Facing the Straits of Malacca, it is a place of intriguing Chinese streets, antique shops, old temples and reminders of European colonial powers. The historical melting-pot of cultures and races – Malay, Chinese, Chittys, the Baba, and Nyonya and the Portuguese, has very much influenced the cultural designs of homes and buildings in Melaka city, its capital.

Melaka was founded in 1396 by an exiled Sumatran prince named Parameswara. According to legend, Parameswara, was out hunting one day and while resting under a tree, one of his dogs cornered a
mouse-deer and in defense, the mouse-deer kicked the dog smartly on its nose. Impressed by the mouse-deer’s courage and what he believed was a good omen, he decided to build his empire on this sacred land and named it after the tree he was sitting under, which was the Melaka tree.

He was also the first Malay prince to become a Muslim and inevitably, Islam became the official religion. In 1405 Admiral Cheng Ho, the “three jeweled eunuch prince” arrived in Melaka bearing gifts from the Ming Emperor, and the promise of protection. In the mid 15th century the Ming Emperors daughter arrived to wed the Sultan of Melaka to seal diplomatic relations and settled with her entourage here. By the end of the 15th century, Melaka grew to become a powerful trading empire and successfully repulsed Siamese attacks.

In 1511,Alfonso D’ Albuquerque took the city for the Portuguese. In 1641 the city passed into Dutch hands after a siege lasting 8 months. In 1795, the French occupied Holland, so the British, allies of the Dutch, temporarily took over the administration of the Dutch colonies. In 1824, Melaka was ceded to the British in exchange for the Sumatran port of Bencoolen, (Bengkulu today). From 1826 onwards Melaka was ruled by the English East-India Company together with Singapore and Penang under the Straits Settlement administration.

Tampin, a town 30 km north of Malacca town, is the nearest train station that serves Malacca. There were railway tracks from Tampin to Malacca before World War II but was dismantled by the Japanese during the war for the construction of the infamous Burmese Death Railway. It was never rebuilt

Malacca has a bus station, Melaka Central which has air-conditioned waiting areas and separate areas for buses plying the town routes and for buses plying to other places in Malaysia and to Singapore. Batu Berendam Airport in Batu Berendam mainly serves chartered flights from around the region.

The Ayer Keroh exit at the North-South highway is the main entry to Malacca. There are two additional exits along the North-South highway, namely the Alor Gajah and Jasin exits.

Full Name - Melaka (Malacca)
Land Area - 1,638 sq. metres
Head of State - Yang DiPertua Negeri or Governor.
Capital - Melaka Town
Weather - A year-round equatorial climate which is warm and sunny, along with plentiful rainfall, especially during the southwest monsoon from April to September.
Population - 800,000
People - 48% Malays, 42% Chinese (including the Peranakan community), 10% Indians (including the Chitty people: a sizeable minority) and Kristang (people with partial Portuguese ancestry)
Head of State - Yang di-Pertua Negeri (Governor) - Mohd Khalil Yaakob
Major products/ Industries - Tourism and manufacturing such as for products ranging from food and consumer products, through high-tech weaponry and automotive components to electronic and computer parts.



The People

Historical melting-pot of cultures and races Malay, Chinese, Chittys, the Baba, Nyonya and the Portuguese.
Bullock Cart Ride - Cuisine - Souvenirs & Crafts - Trishaw Ride - Getting There

Ayer Kroh

Air Keroh lies about 15 km east of Melaka Town, a tourist complex with,
Ayer Keroh Recreational Forests - Melaka Zoo - Crocodile Farm - Butterfly Farm - Museum of Aborigines - Mini Malaysia - Mini Asean - Ayer Keroh Lake


Melaka Map

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Sights & Visits

Melaka Town
The town centre is relatively small and is easily accessible by foot. There are many houses of worship, museums and landmarks to visit

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Other Places

Hang Tuah's Mausoleum - Hang Tuah's Well - Melaka's Traditional House - Jasin Museum - Alor Gajah Museum - Tun Teja's Mousoleum - Gadek Hot springs - British Graveyard - Cape Rachado - Dutch Fort - Auyin Hill Resort -
A' Famosa Water World

The Islands

Pulau Besar / Pulau Upeh




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