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Langkawi Sights ~ North West I

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Summer Palace Oriental Village Cable Car

Summer Palace
("Anna & The King" Movie Set)

In 1999, 20th Century Fox decided to make a new version of the fictionalized account of Anna Leon Owens' time in the Siamese court. They wanted to film the movie on location in Thailand, but couldn't come to terms with the Thai national film board, which considered the works based on Anna's diaries disrespectful of one of Thailand's most revered monarchs

The production team then discovered Langkawi and the Summer Palace in Chiengmai was recreated in Pantai Kok, with its beautiful green surroundings, to represent the Jetty Pavilion, the main building of the palace, courtyard and Anna's house.

Constructed in 1999 and completed in one and a half months, this movie set is 95% wood. After filming was completed, the set was donated to the Langkawi government. It was rebuilt to make it a bit more permanent Here you will find props which were used in the film and you can even have your picture taken wearing one of the costumes. Visitors can be treated to traditional Thai performances held throughout the day as well as the movie "Anna & The King", starring Jodie Foster and Chow Yuen Fat, as they sample delicious Thai food at the restaurant. At the souvenir shop, products from Chiengmai - mini cabinets, mini thrones, pretty floating candles and colourful Thai silks.

The Summer Palace is now the centrepiece of an entire development which
includes a marina under construction.
Open Daily : 10am to 7pm
Location Tanjung Burau close to the Oriental Village
Visit Rating -

Oriental Village
Sited against a spectacular mountain backdrop, the Oriental Village is built in various Asian styles housing shops, restaurants and even a hotel.

Being the point to to go up on the cable car rides, it offers a good opportunity to browse and pick-up items at good prices. There are many small shops selling branded items that offer designer clothes and accessories and souvenirs
Location Tanjung Burau / Visit Rating

Langkawi Cable Car
The clear bubble shaped cable car takes a 2.2km ride up a 42 degree incline to Gunung Mat Cincang (Langkawi's second highest peak - 708 metre). The base station of the cable car line is next to the Oriental Village shopping centre. The cable car journey is completed in two parts. From the base station the cable ascends up past two towers and then up to the middle station.

Along the near vertical lift, tourists are presented with the towering cliff face named 'Matahari Face'. The ride from the second tower up to the middle station feels almost like a vertical climb just a few feet away from the vertical rock face of the mountain. On the way uphill (10 minutes), you can see the forest below, Pantai Kok behind you, Seven Wells Waterfalls on your right and the sky in front of you.

At the middle station, having climbed 650 meters (about 2,150 feet) up from sea level, you can alight from the car to take in the view, or stay in the gondola while it makes a nearly 90 turn to head up to the top station.
If you elect to step off, you can catch another gondola going up to the top station.
A walking trek from Station one, uphill to Station two has been carved through the vegetation allowing a refreshing walk through the forest. The spectacular view from the top includes those of Station One as well as the forested north-eastern side of the island and, in the distance to Tarutao National Park in southern Thailand.

There is a small snack bar at the top station, which has a rather space-age look with its round viewing platforms. From here you can walk to the peak of Gunung Mat Cincang where there is a 360 viewing deck. The cable car was built without constructing any roads through the jungle and all the materials used were lifted into place using helicopters

When you come down, before going back in your car, go around the Oriental Village. There are lots of souvenir shops selling at good prices

*If you are fearful of heights then cable car ride is not recommended
*Before you go, make sure the cable car is operational, as operations
may be curtailed in extreme weather.
*One can ring up at this number 04 959 4225 to find out about the status.
*Operating hours are 10:00 am to 8:00 pm daily
*Admission Fee The round-trip fare is RM 15 for adults and RM 5 for children
*Each Gondola can take up to 6 persons
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