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Langkawi Sights ~ West

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Padang Mat Sirat (Field of Burnt Rice)
Padang Mat Sirat was originally the name of the padi fields which were set on fire by villagers when they were attacked by the Siamese in 1821. It is also a historical and mythological site. Once the site of a former granary of Kampung Raja, the ancient capital of Langkawi, it was also the home of Datuk Kerma Jaya, the headman who sentenced the legendary Mahsuri to death.

The burnt rice is said to been buried below the ground and visitors can still find burnt rice grains on the ground two hundred years later especially after a downpour.

The local authorities used to turn a blind eye to tourists taking some of the burnt rice home as souvenirs, but this practice has since been stopped due to dwindling amounts of burnt rice.
Location - About 20 km from Kuah and 10 km from Pantai Cenang
Visit Rating -

Atma Alam Batik Art Village
Specialising in batik; the batik centre showcases batik artists at work. A village type atmosphere that provides a wide selection of regional mementos. There is also a songket and contemporary art gallery

Among items available here include cushion covers, purses and handbags made of songket and cotton or silk batik casual wear and scarves. Oil and batik paintings are also available. There is also a cafe available here for visitors to take a break from the shopping and drink in the atmosphere. You can also try your hand in making
your own batik design here.
Location - About 8 km from Pantai Cenang
Open : 9 am to 6 pm
Visit Rating - For Shoppers

Aquabeat Water Theme Park
Fun can also be sought at the Aquabeat, a modern indoor water theme park. Covering some four hectares it has a wide range of action packed rides water-based activities. Among its features are the running waterslide, the body slide, UFO slide platform, free fall, wave pool, Tarzan rope, canyon ride, splashdown pool, Jacuzzi and children's park

For those who want just relax and sooth those tired muscles, there's the outdoor jacuzzis. A great place for family fun, its wave pools and water slides will give you a splashing and thrilling day with the kids.

There’s also Ice cream parlours, a restaurants and a fast-food outlet help keep the hunger pangs at bay. Other facilities include a retail shop and a magazine store. There are separate rooms for changing, showers and toilets. Lockers are also provided for your belongings.
Location : North of Pantai Cenang next to the
Langkasuka Beach Resort at Kuala Muda
Visit Rating - For Family Fun

Mahsuri Memorial
Located by the roadside near the junction at Padang Matsirat town, this is
the spot where the innocent Mahsuri, falsely accused of adultery, was stabbed more than 200 years ago. Now, erected in its place is a concrete Kris (Malay dagger) set into a foundation that resembles an open book.
The white concrete stratums symbolise Mahsuri
Location - Padang Matsirat town / Visit Rating

Burau Bay
Situated on the west coast on the island of Langkawi on one of the nicer beachfront sites, Burau Bay is set amongst a stretch of white sandy beaches with good waters at the foothills of the camel ridged mountain range of Mt. Cincang.
Location - Burau Bay / Visit Rating

Underwater World Langkawi
Nowhere else in Malaysia would one be able to view a larger collection of aquatic life of over 200 species, which is also the largest aquarium in Malaysia today. There are over 5000 fishes and other marine life, which are presented in more than 117 specially designed tanks.

The highlight is a giant tank housing large marine species such as sharks, stingrays, groupers and green turtles, with a 15-metre tunnel for visitors to walk through and enjoy the spectacular view. There are also exhibits that are not from the underwater world as well. At Chameleon Land, visitors usually amuse themselves by trying to spot the seven resident lizards in their leafy environment. Another crowd-puller is the tank displaying two leafy sea dragons from Australia.

latest residents to arrive are the Rockhopper penguins from Nightingale Island, some 2,000km west of South Africa and the black-footed penguins brought in from South America. Also on display at the new wing is the anaconda, the Amazon, the arapaima - world's largest freshwater fish, the capybara - world's largest rodent and the marmoset - world's smallest monkey
Feeding times for the Tunnel Tank is at 3pm daily, while the one for
the Otter pond is at 3.30pm daily.
Open : 10 am to 6 pm / Entrance : RM 15
Location - Pantai Cenang / Visit Rating

Laman PADI (Rice Garden)
The only one of its kind in Malaysia, the Laman Padi is an ideal place to learn more about one of Asia's staple foods. Visit the Rice Museum, Rice Farm, Rice Restaurant and Rice Garden where rice is cultivated right on the roof of the building

Displaying artefacts, charts, photographs as well as actual rice-planting tools, a visit to the Museum provides a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the role and significance of padi and rice in the life of Malaysians. From the rooftop visitors will get a bird's eye view on padi planting activities in padi fields. This includes the usage of traditional padi planting methods and modern cultivation's process. Harvest activities are also demonstrated. Also provides an opportunity chance to participate in padi planting activities made available throughout the season.
The restaurant offers visitors popular traditional Malay recipes
Open : 10 am to 6 pm
Location - Pantai Cenang / Visit Rating -

Pantai Cenang & Pantai Tengah
Pantai Cenang or Cenang Beach, is the liveliest stretch on the island, with restaurants and bars offering a range of local, Western and fusion cuisine to those who prefer a more livelier pace of beach life

Pantai Tengah, or Tengah Beach, is about 500 metres south of Pantai Cenang is a great place if you're looking for somewhere to simply chill out. Not ideal swimming conditions due to its position on the bay, but picturesque and quiet.
Visit Rating



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