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Labuan ~ Labuan Town

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• Labuan Square • Museum Square • Kampung Ayer • Labuan International Sea Sports Complex •
• An'Nur Jamek Mosque • Labuan Clock Tower •

Formerly known as Victoria town, Labuan Town today is a bustling business center with increasing modern offices and shopping complexes rising around picturesque postwar architecture. The busy waterfront area is always a hive of activity. Here are landing berths, as well as the Customs and Immigration departments.

The main thoroughfare in downtown Labuan is Jalan Merdeka. At the eastern end of this main road are the Sheraton Hotel, Waterfront Financial hotels and the soaring Financial Park complex.
There are many eating places which specialize in Malay, Chinese or Indian food, as well as popular fast food outlets.

~ Places of interest within downtown Labuan ~

Labuan Square
Formerly known as Labuan Town Field, Labuan Square is a fascinating park with neatly manicured lawns and is planted with flora indigenous to Labuan. Its design reflects the islands status as an International Offshore Financial Centre, and is a popular place to stroll or relax and to snap some lovely pictures

Museum Square
Opposite the Labuan Square is the Museum Square. It consists of a few old houses of colonial design. Four old Flame of the Forest trees stand in a square area, casting a shade over park benches and commemorative stones. They were planted by the Chinese, Malay, Indian and European communities in Labuan in 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11.

This park is home to several monuments that were put up to commemorate historic occasions such as the name-change from Labuan to Maidashima by the Japanese during World War II, the arrival of the Australian Royal Army’s 9th Division on Labuan, and the liberation of Labuan.

There is an interesting granite slab with inscriptions done by sailors on Captain Rodney Mundy's ship 'Iris' on route to Labuan from Hong Kong. It was intended for the handing over ceremony of Labuan by the Bruneis. During the Japanese Occupation, it was tossed aside by the Japanese but was later retrieved and remounted. It is amazingly in good condition despite all this. A bronze plaque is dedicated to the memory of General Maida who died in an air crash at Bintulu while en route to Labuan in 1942.

The old colonial buildings house the Labuan Museum and a handicraft centre. There is also a memorial commemorating the formation of Malaysia.

Kampung Ayer (Water Villages)
The two main villages of Kampung Bebuloh and Kampung Patau-Patau generally referred to as Kampung Ayer (Water Villages) were set up by early Brunei-Malays in Labuan. Consisting of traditional houses built on stilts over the water they are joined by a maze of interconnecting wooden walkways.

 Almost every house has its own boat (not car). The villages consist of large communities with large shops, mosques and other facilities. There is also a modem water village near Labuan Town complete with seafood restaurants, shopping malls and a boardwalk. In addition, visitors can stay in waterfront chalets or enjoy a host of waters sports activities.

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex
A world class water sports center, it is located at the waterfront area along Jalan Tanjung Purun. The Labuan International Sea Sports Complex is designed with three prominent structures connected to a main viewing plaza. Every building houses a specific activity. Each of these imposing towers is an integral part of a large modern water sports complex. The architecture offers a dramatic expression of nature, tradition and modern functionality. The complex houses the main sea sports centre, an administrative block, a marine biology museum, souvenir shops and eateries. It connects to the many ‘leisure walks’ on the beachfront.

Within the complex is the Museum of Marine Biology, the main plaza and Handicraft Center and Eateries. The many fast food stall and small eateries selling local fares, plus the many souvenir and handicraft shops, make this place a hive of activities. It is a popular stopover for visiting tourists.

The An'Nur Jamek Mosque

This unique and magnificent looking mosque featuring futuristic architecture lies to the north of the town. The pride of Labuan's Muslim community, it symbolizes their progressive spirit

The Labuan Clock Tower
Rebuilt in 2002, it is an exact replica of the original clock tower built in 1906 by Straits Settlement’s businessman Chee Swee Cheng from Malacca. Having had the distinction of being one of the four standing structures that survived the Intense naval bombardments by the Allied forces that completely devastated Victoria town (Labuan town), it was nevertheless demolished by the British in 1948.






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