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Labuan ~ Marine Park

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• Pulau Kuraman • Pulau Rusukan Besar • Pulau Rusukan Kecil • Diving •

Labuan Marine Park is located 2 kilometres off the southern part of Labuan main island. Beautiful and wild, the park encompasses 10 square kilometres of pristine water and three secluded islets, namely Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan kecil and the largest of the three, Pulau Kuraman. Waters surrounding 3 small islands, stretching up till two nautical miles from the shore of these islands, have been declared as Marine Park

Here you may photograph, swim, observe and study all forms of marine fauna and flora as well as scuba dive, sail, kayak and snorkel freely. It features long stretches of sandy beaches, reef atoll, jungle tracks and quiet tidal pools. Sea snakes, rare butterflies and a prolific bird life add to its enchantment. Snorkeling and scuba trails introduce you to an underwater world of fascinating marine life and the many secluded beach spots offer unusual privacy and natural ambience. An atoll in the middle of the marine park is known for its many snakes sheltering there. Visitors can choose camp out at these quiet, unspoilt islands provided they ensure the cleanliness and pristine condition here is not compromised upon their departure back to Labuan.

The best time to visit The Labuan Marine Park is between February and October.

Note: Banned - Fishing and anchoring
Local authority bans all form of fishing in waters around the Park. It also bans anchoring. Visiting yachts will either have to rent a mooring or tie to a dock in one of the marinas in the main island of Labuan. The only exceptions are boats under three meters in length using a stone anchor, and larger vessels having special advance authorization in writing from the authority.

Pulau Kuraman
Pulau Kuraman is the largest of the three islands and is about 5.2 sq. kilometre in size. It has two beautiful white beaches, perfect for picnics and sun-bathing. The island is surrounded by hard corals, the most conspicuous species of the coral reef is the Acropora tubinaria. The corals are found in water 8 - 13 meters deep.

Pulau Rusukan Besar
Pulau Rusukan Besar is about 14 ha. in size and is situated just next to Pulau Kuraman. There are coral reefs in the waters to the west, east and south of the island. The waters east and south of the island is very good for snorkelling and viewing from glass-bottom boats, as well as scuba diving. As it is close to the wreck-dive sites, many divers use it as their base. Rusukan Besar is densely forested. It is ideal for picnic, swimming and snorkelling.

Pulau Rusukan Kecil
Pulau Rusukan Kecil is situated near Pulau Kuraman and it has a land area of only 8 ha. The coral reefs nearby consist of mostly Acropora and Platygyra species. The water surrounding this island is very suitable for snorkelling and swimming. There are places for camping and picnics as well. The hike around the small forest on Rusukan Kecil can be an interesting experience as well, with rare butterflies and bird species to admire. An atoll in the middle of the marine park has many snakes sheltering there.

Labuan offers ideal diving conditions all year round for both professionals and amateurs divers. Four wrecks await exploration by diving enthusiasts. Sunken relics of World War 11 and post war ship­wrecks have made Labuan's waters the region's centre for wreck diving.

The types of diving at these wrecks ranges from "novice" to "serious" dives with penetrations into the hulls. These wrecks are known as "Cement Wreck", "American Wreck", "Australian Wreck" and "Blue Water Wreck"





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