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Labuan ~ Activities

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• Horse Riding • Kayaking • Sport Fishing • Pulau Papan •

There are many recreational and other activities available in Labuan

Horse Riding
The Labuan Horse-riding Centre is presently the only pony and horse-riding facility available on the island which caters to the public. The many sandy beaches and kilometres of open country roads offer hours of pleasurable riding. It is definitely a unique way of going sight-seeing. The center offers various rides like the Layangan Beach ride and Paddock ride. They also offer riding lessons and horse hire.
Location - Next to Taman Damai at Kg. Layang-Layangan


Kayaking here is quite exhilarating. You can venture either to go kayaking in the Menumbok and Klias mangrove river, or an overnight trip to the Gerama River. You can do kayaking and snorkelling at the Labuan Marine Park.

Menumbok River is on the Sabah mainland and is about 20 minute’s boat ride from Labuan. The area is surrounded by mangrove trees. The main attraction is the traditional Bajau (Sea Tribe) floating villages, mangrove
covered waterways and fish farms. You will notice the change in the flora and fauna as you proceed upriver. The Klias river is a tributary of the Menumbok River. Best to do a 2 day trip to of leisurely kayaking to witness the Klias fireflies. There’s also the opportunity to sight proboscis monkeys, one of the largest monkeys in the world. The males are distinctive with their long pendulous noses and over-sized stomachs, and hang out with a harem of up to 10 females. They can be seen on the trees that line the banks of the Menumbok River.

Another great kayaking trip would be at the Labuan Marine Park

Sport Fishing
Labuan offer great value for sport fishing as well as deep sea game fishing. These clear blue waters offer the sports fishermen adventure of a lifetime. In the months of February to July, the large predatory fishes such as Tengirris (King Mackerel), Dorado's, Tuna, Black Marlin and Sailfish congregate in large numbers off the island of Labuan to feed on the abundant amount of bait fish in the area. The seas off Labuan form part of the migra­tory route for these ocean travellers.

These fishes will feed and fight aggressively when hooked and will no doubt provide the sport fishermen. Coastal fishing around the coral reefs and bottom structures yield coral trout, grouper, and red snapper, while the mangrove swamps are rich in barramundi, mangrove jacks, and tarpon. You can option for day trips for trolling for fishes such as King Mackerel, Barracuda and Giant Trevally, or do a spend a few days onboard to go beyond to the great fish areas around Layang Layang Island, Royal Charlotte Reef, Dallas Reef, Ardarsier Reef, Marivelles Reef, Erica Reef. This is best organized in groups to reduce the costs.

Pulau Papan
Of all the small islands around Labuan, this is the most developed. It has an old colonial light house on it. Situated southeast of the Labuan island.
This is an island located just few minutes by boat from the Labuan town.

 It is a popular weekend getaway for families and visitors from Brunei, where they can picnic, swim and snorkel. Fishing is also allowed on this island. Chalets are available for rent, but many prefer camping in tents.

The other than the above activities please refer to Labuan Marine Park
These include snorkelling, diving & wreak diving, kayaking etc.





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