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Kenyir Lake ~ Hills & Islands

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  The Islands of Kenyir The Hilly Region

With about 340 islands which were once hilltops and highlands. the hilly regions of Kenyir Lake is a world of untouched virgin tropical jungle estimated to be millions of years old. There is no exact estimation of the number of species of plants and wildlife existing within this vast ecosystem.

Dipterecarpus shrouds the horizon and lowering trees of the majestic Keruing, Meranti and Kapor loom above while the exotic wildlife roam freely below. For research scientists, mature lovers, adventurers and keen photographers, there is no rival as Kenyir promises to be a world of discovery.

The Islands
Truly one of the unique facets of Lake Kenyir is the hundreds of pretty lake islands, 340 islands approximately, which dot the vast surface of the lake. Like jewels gleaming in the sun, the islands offer a panoramic and unique view of Lake Kenyir unseen anywhere else. When the hills and valleys are submerged in the water after the construction of the dams, highlands and hilltops above 138 metres in height which are not submerged become islands in Lake Kenyir.

All the islands are named after previous local rivers rapids before the inundation, or named after villages or hills of the nearby area. Among the hundreds of beautiful islands of Kenyir are the Chergau or Besar, Sah Besar, Sah Kecil, Poh, Tanjung Ragut, Dalilah and Batu Pipit to name a few.

On Sah Kecil island, some 8km from Pengkalan Gawi, another curious attraction beckons the visitor. Medicinal potions and herbal drinks are on offer here, freshly brewed by half-medicine men, half-researchers, stationed at the Herb Park. Over 200 species of medicinal plants and herbs are currently being cultivated here, including the tongkat ali which is purported to contain properties which can increase strength and virility. Over 100 more species of plants has been tagged for cultivation in the near future.

Other island covers nicely around the lake are Pulau Bayas, Pulau Sumas,
Pulau Jelatang, Pulau Batu Pipit and many more. Pulau Batu Pipit also
known as Pulau Mahathir named after the Prime Minister.

The Hilly Region
The highest peak is Chergau in Pulau Besar or Pulau Chergau (name after its hill name). It is situated in the centre of the lake. The highest top hill near the area of Pengkalan Gawi is Mount Gergau, which is estimated as 855m.

Whereas the highest mount in Terengganu is situated in Kenyir Lake area too, the mountain is known as Gunung Lawit (1519m). Other mounts in the listed area are Mount Tembat (964m), Mount Gajah Terom (1206m), Mount Kachang and Mount Bongsu, a sacred mount for Orang Asli in this area.

Expeditions to Mount Gagau have been proven to be an exhilarating experience. Among the other peaks in Kenyir are the Bongsu, Tembat, Raung, Kachang, Cergau and Gajah Terom. At present, there are no facilities on the other peaks except for Mount Gagau where base camps and hiking trails have been set-up.

Should you decide to venture into these hilly regions please consult
the relevant authorities.

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