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Kenyir Lake ~ Getting There

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There are different entry points top Kenyir Lake, depending on convenience and from where you are coming from. Best way would be to head for Kuala Terengganu and subsequently to Pengkalan Gawi, the main entry point to Tasik Kenyir

The main entry points to Kenyir Lake or Tasik Kenyir are Pengkalan Gawi, which is Presently the most important gateway to the lake, it facilities include an information Center, a parking area, and the boat jetty. Pengkalan Utama, Situated just 5km from the existing Pengkalan Gawi, is being developed to eventually replace Pengalan Gawi as the main entry
point to the Lakes.

Should you decide to head for the park, please: remember to obtain a permit from the park, please remember to obtain a permit from the Wildlife Department at the Tourist Information Center. The rates for the permits are:
Entrance RM1.00 / Camera RM5.00 / Fishing RM10.00.

Within Tasik Kenyir, water transport is the most important mode of travel within the lake. At Pengkalan Gawi you can arrange for boat services from private operators. At present there are 13 private boat operators that
provide services within the lake. The types of boat available include Fiber glass boats (max. - 8 persons) and the Double decker boats
(max. 15 persons)

From Kuala Terengganu
Lake Kenyir is about 80km away from Kuala Terengganu. There is however no direct bus from Kuala Terengganu to Tasik Kenyir. Visitors can take a bus to Kuala Berang (40 minutes) and then hop on a taxi from there to Gawi Jetty (15 minutes). Another alternative route will be driving from Kuala Terengganu through Kampung Sungai Tong to Lake Kenyir, which takes about 40 minutes to reach Pengkalan Gawi.

From the Airport (Sultan Mahmud Airport), which is located 18 km from Kuala Terengganu, there are taxis available to take you direct to Lake Kenyir which is about 50 minutes away.

From K. Lumpur
Self Drive - From Karak Highway heading east, take Route no.2 all the way heading to Kuantan (240km from KL). Just before entering Kuantan town, look out for the road sign ‘to Kuala Terengganu & Kuantan Airport', take the Kuantan bypass on the left. This is Route no.14. Travel down this route for another 208km until you reach 'Ajil'. From here take Route no. R106 to Kuala Berang. (another 49km) and from Kuala Berang turn into Route no.11 for another 35km to the turning into Tasik Kenyir.

The road turning into Tasik Kenyir is Route no. T159. You are now in Tasik Kenyir territory. Another 12km from the turning, you will see the 'welcome to Tasik Kenyir' arch on the left. Pengkalan Gawi is the take-off point into the lake.
Travel time - approximately 7 hours.

Alternatively you can also take the Karak Highway to Kuantan and then travel along the coastal road through Kemaman, Dungun, Kuala Terengganu and subsequently to Tasik Kenyir. Car Parks are available at Gawi Jetty (Kenyir Lake) and Kenyir Dam (Kenyir Houseboat).

Bus Coach - The Tasik Kenyir Express departs daily (09:00am and 21:00pm) from Hentian Putra (nearby PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur and travels directly to Pengkalan Gawi via Al Muktafi Billah Shah Town and Kuala Berang.

By Air - Malaysia Airlines (from KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and Air Asia (from LCCT) offer daily flights from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to Kuala Terengganu Airport. Journey by air takes approximately 45 minutes. From the airport connect to Kenyir by taxi.


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