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Pahang ~ Kenong Rimba Park

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Covering an area of 121 sq. km south-west of Taman Negara, Kenong Rimba is situated in natural surroundings with cascading waterfalls, mountain streams and a variety of flora and fauna. It offers great adventure such as exploring limestone caves, river swimming, camping and jungle trekking. Spanning across the Kenong Valley and Sungai Renong, Kenong Rimba Park shares a common eastern and northern boundary with Taman Negara.


The park has some interesting plant life such as the towering tualang (koompasis excelsa) and the gigantic ficus tree. It is also home to birds such as the dove, red eye thrush, and the magpie.

There are several limestone caves sited about half an hours trek from each other. The most striking is the Gua Batu Tinggi, which resembles a dug out boat. A 10 minute walk from the Resrt, past padi feilds and kampung houses will bring you to Gua Batu Tinggi, also known as Batu Kajang Hilir. The Sungai Kenong passes beneath this cave. Local folklore has it that the cave was formed when a boat carrying the King’s messenger from Pekan was turned into stone. This cave is approximately 122 to 152 meter above sea level. Here you can find a variety of plant life that includes orchids, fig trees and epiphytes that grow on larger trees.

This diverse flora in turn attracts a variety of birds. A 30 – 35 minutes walk from Gua Batu Tinggi through virgin forests will bring you to Gua Batu Tangga. Gua Tangga has rock formations which look like a flight of stairs. If luck has it, you might be able to spot the mouse-deer or ‘pelanduk’ (tragulu javanicas), porcupine or even an elephant. Another 10 mninute walk away is the Gua Batu Tangkap. Locals believe that the defeat of the Japanese in WWII ad an effect on the rock formation. The site is suitable for wildlife observation. However its main inhabitants are the bats. Other caves include Gua Batu Telahup, Gua Kesung, Gua Hijau, Gua Buta, and Gua Harimau.

Climbing activities include the climb up Gunung Kesung and Gunung Putih. Any one in good physical condition can climb the limestone range of the Kenong Valley. Enroute you may see footprints of the desert goat (capriconnis sumatrensis. Believed to be kept dwarfs, only selected people may actually see one. It is estimated that only 2-4 desert goats are actually surviving in this range. At the Air Terjun Tingkat, (Seven Step Waterfalls), swimming, angling and picnics can be enjoyed.

The Persona Rimba is a complex of traditionally designed wooden chalets with restaurants, information centre, souvenir shop and attractive camping sites with facilities. The complex with its harmony with nature is only lighted with gasoline lamps. At present, there are 4 units of wooden huts at the park to cater for overnight stays. Each chalet is fitted with 2 double-deckers.

Getting There
Kuala Lipis is 171 km from Kuala Lumpur or 250 km from Kuantan. Both bus and taxi services are available. Rail services link Kuala Lipis from both Singapore as well as from Kuala Lumpur. A half an hour walk from Lipis Railway Station will take you to 9th mile Railway Station. From this point, a 5 minutes walk to Sungai Jelai Jetty for a twenty minutes boat ride downstream to Tanjung Kiara Jetty before tracking to
Persona Rimba Resort

A qualified and registered guide must accompany any visitor entering the park. They are responsible for submitting visitors' forms to the various authorities prior to entering the park.


Kenong Rimba Area Map
Map with locations display of Caves, campsites, walking trails and observations hides





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