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Kelantan ~ Sungai Nenggiri & Caves

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Sungai Nenggiri Gua Cha (Cha Cave) Gua Peraling (Perliang Cave)
  Gua Bukit Chawas and Gua Batu Cincin Gua Chawan Getting There

Sungai Nenggiri in Ulu Kelantan offers exciting white water rafting in spectacular scenery, plus the chance to visit sites lived and worked in by former, ancient inhabitants.

Sungai Nenggiri
The river originates in the south west corner of Kelantan, then flows up to Bertam collecting several inlet rivers along the way. It joins the Sg.Galas, which is turn flows into the Sg.Kelantan before reaching the sea at Kota Bharu. Some of Malaysia's richest archaeological caves are to be found along the river: Gua Cha, Gua Chawan and Gua Jaya. These caves are archaeologically important as unlike other caves throughout the Peninsula.

Gua Cha (Cha Cave)
Gua Cha in Ulu Kelantan is situated near Kuala Betis and can be reached by
a logging track as mentioned above. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Peninsula Malaysia, due to the number of complete well preserved human burials, the abundance and variety of animal remains and cultural objects.

Gua Cha is the largest rock shelter along the Sungai Nenggiri valley, and has been inhabited since 9000 years ago. Do note however, that Gua Cha can be visited before starting out down river. The Hoabinhians probably occupied the shelter from 9000-5000 years ago. They had a well developed industry with well made stone implements, and living by hunting and gathering. The Neolithic remains showed burials accompanied by grave goods such as pottery, polished stone tools, shell necklaces and stone bracelets. In all more than 30 burials were found.
The rock shelter is in a limestone cliff, and is about 18m long, with a maximum width of 18m, and height of about 13m. The cliff however is not really part of a free-standing limestone outcrop. A small stream runs past
the hill and flows into the Nenggiri.

Gua Peraling (Perliang Cave)
Gua Bukit Peraling is at Kuala Yai, on the south bank of the Sg.Perias, and 15 minutes walk from Kampung Tohoi. It is estimated that Gua Peraling was inhabited about 2000 years ago. It is a large rock shelter, with two chambers, about 90m long in all, and running parallel with the Sg.Perias.

Gua Bukit Chawas and Gua Batu Cincin
Although these two caves are not visited during the rafting expedition (the cave is 8.5m long and 8.5m wide, and is in a rubber estate), they are new discoveries which are worthy of note. The caves are 7km from Kuala Betis, and are about one kilometre apart, and only accessible by 4WD. Bukit Chawas has 2 caves: Gua Chawas in which Gua Berhala Kechil is situated, and the smaller Gua Berhala Atas. . Gua Chawas is about 23m long, 10m wide and 5m high. There are some paintings of a family on the roof. In Gua Batu Cincin evidence was found to suppose the cave was used as a camp site. Pottery and cooking utensils were found from about 2000-3000 years ago, i.e. Neolithic. More recent is an Orang Asli art gallery on the walls, from about 300-400 years ago. They depict people and animals.

Gua Chawan

Gua Chawan is situated on the left bank of the Sg.Jenera and runs parallel to the river. The cave takes its name from a formation which looks like a cup. Following the cliff upstream there are two small rock shelters, one of which has some nice crystalline formations. Further on is the main one "cave", again just a large rock shelter, the only cave passage being a loop of about 15m. There are a lot of large stalactites hanging down from the cliff. The rock shelter is about 100m long, and 10m above the river.

Gua Jaya
Today the only access to Gua Jaya or Yahaya is from the river. The cave is about 10m above the river. The main chamber is large, about 36m long and 23m wide with quite a lot of guano on the floor, but very few bats. There are some charcoal drawings of matchstick figures. At the end of the chamber a climb up and over some fine, small gour pools leads into the next, smaller chamber.

Getting There
From Gua Musang it is about 30km to Kuala Betis, and the put in point is 16km beyond Kuala Betis, and conveniently close to Gua Cha, which is on the left bank of the Nenggiri. This area is accessible by four wheel drive. The tar road from town turns into a muddy logging track, which is made worse by the procession of trucks taking out logs from the forest.







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