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Kelantan ~ Places & Beaches

• An Introduction • Kota Bahru • Places & Beaches • Eco & Waterfalls • Culture • Crafts •
• Sg. Nenggiri & Caves •  Japanese Invasion • Kelantan Map •

• Kuala Krai Museum and Mini Zoo  • Kuala Koh • Gunung Stong • Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach of Moonlight) • Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody) • Pantai Bisikan Bayu (Beach of the Whispering Breeze) • Pantai Seri Tujuh (Beach of Seven Lagoons) •

Kuala Krai Museum and Mini Zoo
The mini zoo is home to a variety of animals such as bears, deer, monkeys and birds. The mini museum houses a collection of preserved animals as well as photographs and documents relating to the founding of Kuala Krai.
Open: 9:00am-6:00pm daily, except Fridays.
Location: Kuala Krai – about 64km from Kota Bahru.

Kuala Koh
The northern entrance to Taman Negara, pristine rivers offer anglers a great time, birdwatchers can see a large variety in a couple of days, photographers will enjoy the setting of perfect scenery.
Kayaks, bamboo rafts and inflatable are available but check with the Wildlife and National Parks Department on river conditions before embarking on serious river activities.  There are many jungle trails of various distances and degrees of difficulty within the vicinity. A canopy walkway has recently been completed to allow view of the jungle canopy..
Location: Two hours drive from Gua Musang

Gunung Stong
One of Malaysia’s highest mountains, at 1,442 metres, it is reputed to hold hidden treasure in Gua Ikan (Fish Cave). Gunung Stong boasts one of the highest water falls in Southeast Asia. From a height of 1500 feet the water falls onto a 7-tiered cascade that provide a magnificent view from any angle. Getting there will surely be worth the effort but be assured, it will be no mean effort and is not for just anybody, if you are not up to the challenge then it's best that you stay home and watch TV. 

Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Beach of Moonlight)
Formerly known as the “Beach of Passionate Love”, this most famous beach is lined by tall casuarinas trees providing pleasant shade and a grassy verge giving way to swaying coconut palms. It is the perfect getaway for the world-weary. Comfortable chalets are available at the beach.
Location: 10km north of Kota Bharu

Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody)
Pantai lrama is believed by some to be the most beautiful beach along the entire east coast! It is a hit with picnickers and. campers alike.
Location: Situated in the district of Bachok about 25 km south of Kota Bharu

Pantai Bisikan Bayu
(Beach of the Whispering Breeze)

Also known as Pantai Dalam Rhu. Tall casuarinas offer restful shade where families can enjoy a picnic. Surfing can be good at certain times of the year, and wind surfers will find excellent sport.
Location: About 50Km from Kota Bharu, near Semerak, in the Pasir Puteh district.

Pantai Seri Tujuh 
(Beach of Seven Lagoons)

The longest lagoon in Malaysia shelters this pristine beach. Home to the Annual International Kite Festival, the beach has a variety of food and drink stalls as well as public amenities.
Location: This beach lies on the border of Thailand and Kelantan at Kampung Tujuh in Turnpat, about 7 km from Kota Bharu







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