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Kelantan ~ Eco & Waterfalls

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River Cruise & Jungle Trekking Jeram Lenang Jeram Pasu Lata Beringin

Nature-based activities range from simple river cruises, rafting, and bird watching to jungle trekking, Caving, a goldmine, and deer park, ethno-botanical garden and aboriginal settlements are also in Kelantan.

River Cruise & Jungle Trekking
The ecotourist will find much to delight him were he to take an upriver cruise of Sungai Kelantan into the virgin rainforests of Kelantan. The secrets of the jungle will unfold itself if he looks and listens; and the little villages along the bank is an added bonus. Go to Kuala Krai and take the boat which leaves at 10.00 am for Dabong. The 2-hour boat ride affords ample time to take in the grandeur of the rainforests.

Upon reaching Dabong, you have about three hours to while away before catching the boat back to Kuala Krai at 3.15 pm. Take a stroll around the village and observe the villagers at their daily chores. Alternatively, you can venture up to Jelawang to stay the night in one of the chalets. A one and a half-hour jungle trek brings you to the Jelawang Waterfall, spectacular and every bit worth the effort. If you decide to return to Kuala Krai on the same day, you can catch a taxi from Kuala Krai to Kota Bharu. Please note that there are no boats available on Fridays.

The southbound train from Dabong brings you to Gua Musang in two and a half hours. Here is where the majestic Lata Beringin is located. Gua Musang also lies within the National Park amidst the splendour of the world's oldest rainforests. Explore the many limestone caves, cascading waterfalls or enjoy a river boat safari. There are similar trips organised by the Tourist Information Centre in Kota Bharu. You are advised to book in advance.

Jeram Lenang
A  favourite among the locals, this waterfall is only 12 metres high but nonetheless, draws the crowds. Go to Pasir Puteh, and from here you can board a taxi to Jeram Lenang.
Location: Off the Pasir Putih-Machang Road

Jeram Pasu
Jeram Pasu is by far the most popular. A dip in the crystal clear icy water does wonders to the spirit. Proceed to Padang Pak Amat and from here by taxi to the waterfalls, which is about 8 km away.
Location: Situated off the Kota Bharu - Pasir Puteh road at Kampung Pak Amat.

Lata Beringin
At 120m, it is also one of the highest waterfalls in the country.The magnificent view and lush surroundings make this a popular camping spot. Lata Beringin is near the Sungai Pas Kesedar Land Scheme.
 It is accessible via a dirt track leading off from the Kuala Krai-Gua Musang highway.
Location: Off Kuala Krai-Gua Musang Highway.







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