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Kuala Lumpur ~ Shopping

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Things you can get in Kuala Lumpur Fashion & Designer Boutiques Tips for Shoppers

Kuala Lumpur, the commercial hub of the country, has its fair share of famous landmarks, historical relics and heritage buildings plus a pulsating night life to keep the visitor occupied day and night. None of these, however, would be complete without 'pasar malam' or night markets.

Things you can get in Kuala Lumpur
Handicrafts of local origin range from intricate silver, brass and pewter items to pottery, rattan and wickerwork. Batiks of silk and cotton come in tantalisingly vivid hues. The bold designs and dazzling colours of Malaysian Batik set it apart from others within the region. Art objects and curio items from the orient vie for attention with carpets and rugs of lustrous silk and fine wool in traditional designs of intricate geometric motifs or patterned in beautiful flowery designs of pastel hues.

There's ready-to-wear apparel of every design and colour and trendy shoes and handbags. From the fashion centres of the world come designer collections, elegant footwear, exclusive watches, optical items and quality fabrics. Electrical appliances, electronic equipment, computers and cameras are available too. And the list goes on.....

Fashion & Designer Boutiques
The emergence of famous names on the Kuala Lumpur shopping scene is a clear indication that prestige shopping is here to stay! The Lot 10 shopping centre designated its entire 4th floor as the 'Prestige floor' housing exclusive names such as Jaegar, Donna Karan, Nina Ricci and Hanae Mori, to name a few. At City Square, along Jalan Tun Razak, the aura of exclusivity and understated elegance pervades the entire ground floor.

Designer boutiques may also be found at Kuala Lumpur Plaza and the Hilton Hotel shopping arcade. Not to be outdone, many other shopping complexes have also allotted several lots to accommodate 'Designer Comers' offering select but Fashion wear range from classic suits in pure wool and linen, elegant dresses for evenings, chic dresses and smart casuals for day 
time wear to cheerful, fancy leggings, cycling shorts and sweaters in vivid rainbow colours for the young and 'young at heart'. There is also an equally impressive range of men's wear and accessories, leather goods and timepieces and writing instruments, not to mention the mind boggling display of fashion eye wear of every imaginable shape and design.

Tips for Shoppers
It is wise to compare prices before you buy to ensure you get the best bargains. Prices in the bigger stores are usually fixed although bargaining is still practiced in smaller shops and road side stalls. Check for the correct voltage in electronic and electrical goods. Malaysia, uses 220 volts. Most stores however often sell electrical goods without plugs which may be fitted on request. Shops generally open from 9.30 am to 7.00 pm while supermarkets and department stores open from 10 am to 10 pm. The bigger stores also remain open on Sundays.

Money Changing
Foreign currency and travellers cheques may be changed in all commercial banks during banking hours. Licensed money changers at the airport, international hotels and within the city, sometimes offer better rates than banks. Travellers Cheques are also accepted by hotels and major departmental stores but banks give the best rates.

Eating Out
Most major shopping centres have a number of restaurants specialising in Malay, Chinese, Indian or Western food located within their premises, for those in a hurry, there's always Mc Donald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Some of these complexes devote almost an entire floor to food stalls offering a mouth-watering array of local fast foods. With so many food outlets to choose from, the hassle comes only in actually
 deciding what to eat!

The City also has its special Tourist Police to assist tourists
and attend to any complaints.



Shopping Areas in K L
The main shopping areas in Kuala Lumpur are the Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman area, Jalan Petaling/ Jalan Bandar area and Jalan Bukit Bintang.








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