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Kedah Sights & Visits ~ Forests & Waterfalls II

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Bukit Wang Perangin Sik Puncak Janing
Batu Hampar Seri Perigi Recreational Park

What is a tropical paradise without the sights and sounds of the cascading waterfalls? This magical play of flowing and crashing water can be found at many locations in Kedah. Take your pick and drive over for hours of peace and solitude within the green environment.

Bukit Wang
This 867ha of virgin jungle reserve is popular among the locals during weekends. Bukit Wang is the most accessible waterfall set amidst a rich backdrop of forest is suitable for recreational activities such as jungle trekking, and camping.

There is also a camping site where the basic needs for camping enthusiasts are provided. Other than that, the recreational forest is also equipped with facilities such as rest-huts, bridges, public toilets, benches, multipurpose hall and chalets
Location 12km northeast from Jitra and
about 40km from Alor Setar
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Perangin Sik
This area is also popularly known as 'Rimba Taqwa' and it is the earliest recreational forests that has been established in the state of Kedah.
Along the journey to this recreational forest, visitors would have the opportunity to observe fruit orchards, rubber estates and traditional Malay villages. It has a large campsite that could conveniently accommodate some 1000 campers. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest. It is surrounded by hills and mountains of Sik.

Lata Mengkuang

Situated nearby to this recreational area is the attractive 20 m Lata Mengkuang  waterfall. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest. There is rock cliff ideal for those who enjoy challenging activities and abseiling. The main recreational activities in this area are family picnics, swimming and summer camps.
Location 11 km from Sik town or 95 km from Alor Setar
(Along a country road leading to a remote town
of Kampong Weng near the Thai border)
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Puncak Janing
The Puncak Janing Recreational Park is located 14 kilometres from Kuala Nerang. Accessible by road, the main attraction besides the pristine forested surroundings is the waterfall. Basic amenities are available for visitors.

Air Terjun Puncak Janing (Puncak Janing Waterfalls)
Air Terjun Puncak Janing in Padang Terap, 25 km from Alor Setar. Situated in the Janing Peak, is the ideal picnic area with its waterfall direct from the mountain.

The 1.5 km stretch of Sungai Janing and its unique landscape of rocks provide an ideal place for swimming, picnics and recreation. A wide variety of flora and fauna that encompassed lowland dipterocarp forest could be found here. There is a 3 km track that surrounds this recreational area and also a 15 km track that leads to Bukit Wang Recreational Forest.
Location 14 km from Kuala Nerang
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Batu Hampar
the Batu Hampar Recreational Park was developed by the state-government to take cognisance of the pristine ecology of the area. Accessible by road, the pool at the foot of the waterfall is an ideal spot for a cool refreshing swim.

Amongst the special natural features of the area are a waterfall and the Raga River that flows through the forest. This recreational area has a large variety of flora and fauna and is a great spot for outdoor fun. You can get to Batu Hampar quite easily from Yan. It is located just 3km from Yan, and 40km from Alor Star.
Location 3 km from Yan
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Seri Perigi Recreational Park
Seri Perigi at Yan, a waterfall set within a Park. The stream that runs has its beginning in Gunung Jerai. The fall at Seri Perigi Recreational Park cascades 30 metres down a rocky slope, is a popular weekend retreat for local folks.

This recreational forest is particularly unique because it has the highest waterfall in the state of Kedah. The pounding and splashing of water over 100 m of steep slopes seems endless. The starting point of the stream that feeds its waterfall is at the 1,200m Gunung Jerai, so you can imagine just how clean and cool the water is.
 Along the journey to this recreational forest you will be able to behold the scenic views of paddy fields, fruit orchards and traditional Malay Villages. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest. There is also a solid rock cliff that provides entertainment for those who enjoys tough and challenging activities.
Location About 4 km from Yan
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