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Johor ~ Other Places

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• Johor Lama • Ayer Hitam • Kota Tinggi Waterfall • Air Papan •
• The Tropical Village Mini-World Theme Park • Pontian • Kukup • Muar • Desaru •
• Pasir Gudang Racing Circuit • Tanjung Piah •

Johor Lama
(Old Johor) is a quiet village 19 kilometers from Kota Tinggi on the banks of the Johor River. However, after the fall of Melaka, it became the Royal Capital of the Sultans of Johor until the final destruction of the town fort by the Portuguese in 1587.

Ayer Hitam
Ayer Hitam which literally means Black Water. It is also known as "the town that never sleeps' because of the number of cars and people passing through on their way north and south. Here one can almost purchase anything made from ceramic ranging from vases and jars, home decorative pieces, flowerpots and ready-made customised souvenirs.
This is also a good place to sample some local tidbits. Prawn crackers, tapioca chips, steamed corn and the famous "otak-otak" which is steamed coconut based fish cake, are all up for grabs as is freash, prepacked produce. The many plush toys of many different shapes and sizes are sure to delight children and at their reasonable prices, are a good bargain. The town is a popular for visitors stopping on their way to Johor Bahru or K. Lumpur.

The Tropical Village Mini-World Theme Park
A 12 metre ‘kuda kepang will greet you at thre entrance. It features miniture world wonders and other interesting attractions.
Location: Old trunk road from Johor Bahru towards Ayer Hitam -  about two 
and half hour drive

Kota Tinggi Waterfall
Kota Tinggi Waterfall is 34 meters high and has been a popular spot with both local and foreign tourists for many years. Those who feel the need for a change from the tropical heat may like to try swimming in the cool waters at the base of the falls. A few chalets have been built near the falls for visitors wishing to spend the night and to be rejuvenated by the fresh mountain air. A restaurant serves both Chinese and Western food and other food stalls. A camping site has also been opened for the young and adventurous. Located 3 km before the Kota Tinggi Waterfalls is the Kota Rainforest Resort. Requiring a drive of only 45 minutes from Johor Bahru the resort gives you 'a back to nature retreat' with its wooden designed chalets.

Air Papan
The beach is a popular picnic area. The annual "Pesta Air Papan" celebrated on 1st May draws thousands of people. There are chalets for rental. You may spend your night here and laze the beach before proceeding to the islands off the coast.
Location: about 15 minutes from Mersing town

The countryside is well cultivated with pineapples. The fishing village has a settlement living on stilts by the shore. The town is also the Staging point for visitors going to Gunung Pulai for waterfall picnics, jungle trekking or mountain climbing.


Kukup is a fishing village with houses on stilts at the water's edge. There are numerous restaurants on stilts serving delicious seafood. Handicraft and delicacies such as keropok, belacan and cencaluk are available at Kukup.

Muar is a picturesque town popular for the delicious and inexpensive foods served by food stalls and restaurants. Also known as Bandar Maharani, the
town bears a striking resemblance to Malacca geographically, culturally and in terms of their inter-connecting historical and commercial roles. Take a stroll along the tree-lined riverside at Tanjong. There is also a hot spring at Sungai Balang on the way to Batu Pahat.

A village of casuarinas situated on 20km stretch of untouched beach in the SE corner of the peninsula. The place is Ideal for swimming, boating, canoeing, fishing, snorkeling or jungle trekking. Golf enthusiasts can also play on an international 18 hole course. More isolated beaches are at Teluk Ramunia 10km south of Desaru.
Location: 18km NE of Johor Bahru

Pasir Gudang Racing Circuit

Circuit is of international standard and is open to any motorsport enthusiasts to sample the thrill of high speed bike riding.

Tanjung Piah
Tanjung Piah, which is situated in Mukim Serkat, Pontian, is geographically the southern most tip of the Asian mainland. It offers a very scenic view of the Straits of Malacca. Fishing is still the livelihood for many of its inhabitants and the area is surrounded by one of the largest mangrove swamp lands in Asia, home to the fascinating tree-climbing and scavenging macaque monkeys.

Tanjung Piah is also home to one of natures seldom seen spectacular phenomena, the fireflies. When certain conditions prevail, these fireflies will swarm and transform the mangrove swamp into a twinkling wonderland.







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