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Johor ~ Johor Bahru

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• Royal Abu Bakar Museum • Sultan Ibrahim Building • Bukit Serene •
• Johor Art Gallery • JOTIC • Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque •
• Sultan Abu Bakar Monument • The Royal Mausoleum • City Square •

Johor Bahru is the State Capital, built in 1855 by the late Sultan Abu Bakar. The city is the southern gateway to Peninsula Malaysia. It has cramped streets in its centre and modern buildings in its western seafront.

Royal Abu Bakar Museum (The Grand Palace Johor)

Built by Sultan Abu Bakar in 1866, the Royal Abu Bakar Museum occupies the Istana Besar, or Grand Palace, . The museum was founded in 1990 by Johor's present ruler, His Majesty Sultan Iskandar, and its collection consists of the treasures of the Royal Family.

In addition to an extensive art collection, the museum displays the ceremonial regalia, personal memorabilia, furniture, objets d'arts, and cultural artifacts accumulated by the Royal Family over the course of its reign. 
Opening hours: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm except on Friday
Location: Jln Tun Dr. Ismail.

Sultan Ibrahim Building
The massive building dominates the skyline of Johor Bahru. The Saracenic character and the mosaic detail make this one of the most interesting buildings in Johor Bahru. Once a Japanese warehouse during WW II, iot now houses the state government offices.
Location: Jalan. Abdul Rahim

Bukit Serene
His Majesty The Sultan of Johor’s Palace is
perched on high ground with a 350m tower. The Palace is a landmark to travellers coming from the north. It contains one of the most beautiful gardens in Johor and a private zoo.

Johor Art Gallery
Built in 1910, it exhibits historical costumes, weapons, currency,
 manuscripts, ceramics and objects of fine art.
Location: Jalan. Mariamah.

JOTIC ~ Johor Tourist Information Centre
A one-stop center for visitors to get a better understanding of Johor. Besides the availability of print materials, there are shops selling various types of handicrafts which are mostly local. Occasionally, visitors are entertained with live cultural performances. Traditional foods can also be savored at the centre’s food court.

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
Officially opened by the late Sultan Ibrahim in 1890, this mosque is considered one of the finest in Malaysia. It took 8 years to complete. Its architectural design and setting atop a hill with sweeping view of the Straits of Johor makes it a famed landmark. Nearby is the Johor Zoo.
Location: Jalan. Masjid.

Sultan Abu Bakar Monument
This Monument, created in the seafront opposite the courthouse commemorates 
Sultan Abu Bakar, as the modern architect of Johor.

The Royal Mausoleum
The final resting place for Johor Royalty, the mausoleum’s architecture is one of a fine, unique and aesthetic design of yesteryears.
Location: Jalan Mahmoodiah

Dataran Bandaraya (City Square)
A popular venue for public events, it comprises of a large stage, a minaret,
a fountain and the country's biggest clock tower.







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